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Before cartoons came around, we tried to make a
show about us trying to make a show. We tried.

What goes on in the lives of small-town video producers and friends in The SCP? This is the very fictional adventures of the real-life crew members and how they manage to get through each day of chaos.
Can Noah produce his shows? Can Rudy become the greatest Contra player the world has ever seen? Can CJ get laid? All these questions (and more) will not be answered, but that's just how things go in Chaos City.
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EPISODE #101 (2001)
Noah tries to get things going on the new show the Mega Ultimate Comedy Hour, Liz goes in search of the perfect snack, and Rudy is obessed with being the best at the game Contra. Just another day.
EPISODE #102 (2001)
Luis isn't happy that MUCH replaced Prime Time Crew, and vows vengence. CJ gets some girl advice from Mr. Smiley, and a phone number. Noah tries to forge ahead with production, but things take a turn.
- Appearances by -
Noah B. Wilson
The Ruddiger Smithson
Luis Martinez
Liz Wilt
CJ Goodwin
Dusty Gaebel

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
©2002 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Noah here telling you that Chaos City was probably my biggest personal failure in production as I was trying to do something the viewers of cable access didn't really want. Absolutely nothing against those who appeared in this show, but I was in over my head and trying to do complex plots which no one had the desire to actually follow from the other side of the television. Nevertheless, this series brought in Mr. Smiley and CJ as full-time cast members, became a semi-origin story for Gorpee (he was originally the Super Market Monster before he became Dr. Kockpocalipse's sidekick years later), and also finally made me realize this serialized crap was useless.

Thankfully, I would learn from my errors and return to more simplistic sketch comedy in Smiley Crew's Last Stand. There's a clear reason why this show only lasted 2 episodes: to was too hard to produce for such an unwanted product. Oh well. Can't win them all.

Chaos City would end up being 'revived' sort of in Adventures In Chaos City and Anarchy Island. Those stories were easier to tell due to their animated ways which leant itself better to crazy locations and characters.

Tales From Chaos City #1: The Prophecy (2005)
I think this might have been the first cartoon made by Smiley Crew Productions. If it's not, it is surely one of the first. A meteor is headed for Chaos City, and Billy Bob Thorton (Joey Milano) is asked to help!
Tales From Chaos City #2: The Fury Gate (2005)
In a direct follow up to Episode #1, Dr. Kock and Hollywood go to investigate the crash site while Kurt Russell (Max Marple) and James Spader (Joey Milano) get wise to their plans.
Tales From Chaos City #3: Lord of the Museum (2005)
This episode is legend. The best for sure. The ghost of Viggo Mortensen (Noah B. Wilson) haunts the local museum, and things get weird fast. This is also the first appearance of Johnny Thunderpants!
Anarchy Island #1: Residential Evil (2011)
With better animation, almost every SCP character, and a few more years of experience, 'Tales From Chaos City' became Anarchy Island! Yet ... this was the only episode that was made. Bummer, cuz it ends on a cliffhanger. Sorry about that. This also randomly has a video by Meatball Sub at the end, who later became Murder Bear. Don't ask.
©2002 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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