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After Noah B. Wilson got Final Cut Pro in 2000, the gang
made a Matrix-themed sequel to Rex Miller. It's rad.

Rex Miller (Dusty Gaebel) starts to realize that things in his world are not what they seem. But when to suited men corner him, the world spin upside-down and fights break out as Rex realizes he might be in The Matrix. This Matrix spoof won a little award on the website iFilm in the early internet days before Youtube was created. Neat!
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Rex Miller - Dusty Gaebel
Agent Orange - Chezare Autrey
Agent White - Ben McKenna
Tank - Bryan Rayburn

Filmed and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
©2000 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
If Rex Miller 1 was the first thing The SCP ever made, then Rex Miller 2 is the second thing, right?

Well, no. There was some school project in between, so it's the third. Anyway, this was made back when making Matrix parodies wasn't cliche or overdone, or at least we like to think so. This was also back when we could walk around school with fake looking guns and no one cared. This silly movie was just us all having fun making wacky fight scenes and learning how to make movies. It was also made before Youtube was a thing, so we had to post it in iFilm.com and we were so stoked it got accepted! Oh, back in the days when the internet actually had some kind of vetting process. Anyway, this video came at the end of our high school life, and the summer that followed really blew up with all sorts of movie ideas and the beginnings of New Show.

Fun Fact: About six years after Noah made this, he got a letter about someone complaining about us running around on the roof at school. The lady who wrote it seemed really pissed. Noah wants to frame it.
©2000 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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