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Hey everyone! Noah B. Wilson here. There's a LOT of stuff for me to go through and label correctly, and soon everything will have a home on this page, or at least everything that I can find.
Action Jackson News 22
This thing is so old, some episodes were made while we were in high school! Your standard news parody starring Luis Martinez and Matt Taverner, Action Jackson News 22 was shot in Luis's kitchen. The show also featured Noah Wilson, Anthony Martinez, Eric Maple, Dusty Gaebel, and Ben McKenna. Check out New Show for these episodes.
Action Jackson II
This was merely the mini-news-stories taken from Action Jackson News 22 and hosted by Adam Morbhis. This was a chance to do a goofy news parody with out all the random studio segments. It probably could have used a better name. Check out Last Stand for these episodes.
Adventures In Chaos City
Noah's college final project was a video game played in your browser. But this was back when Flash was cool and people liked it. It is no longer online, but could be brought back from the dead as Anarchy Island some day.
Anarchy Island
The third incarnation of 'Adventures in Chaos City' and the second incarnation of 'Tales From Chaos City'. A cartoons series was attempted, but only one episode was made. Anarchy Island Shots got six episodes. A new HTML5 game is the works for 2025.
Angry Man
Noah B. Wilson did his best Lewis Black impersonation for a few random skits for New Show 2. Some people liked it. Check out New Show for these episodes.
Animal Fury
The legendary show starring Max Marple was created way back in 2001. Max and Luis Martinez did a few episodes in the early years. Then Max and Noah B. Wilson came back for 7 more episodes in 2007 and 2008. Could we ever see more? Ask Max.
Ask Quackers
Quackers gots his own mini-show in 2020 where he answered questions sent to him via the #askquackers hashtag. He got six episodes, and maybe more in the future.
Bad Memory
This Boozer and Stubs matching game is actually extremely old, but was remade in 2021 as part of the new HTML5 game rush. Originally made in Flash in the mid-2000s, Bad Memory is the classic game Memory with Boozer and Stubs characters. This updated game has multipliers and a health meter, though.
The Boozer and Stubs Show
Started as just The Boozer The Clown show, Gabe Wilson and Ryan Hancock made SCP history as the dumb duo that lived under the bridge. One is a drunk clown. The other is just drunk. They try and teach the kids. There's rumors that there could be a more episodes someday. Oh boy!
Brick Doubt (Original)
A pretty awesome brick-busting game, but with two different versions. The iOS version features Dr. Kockpocalipse while the HTML5 version features The Hitmen and new features. Both are awesome.
Brick Doubt (2021)
This HTML5 remake of the classic dumped Dr. Kock in exchange for, well: Brick. This new Hitmen-themed version also incorporates a bit of 'Wild Gunman' as you have to play two games at once! Bounce the ball around and break bricks like you normally did in the original, but now shoot would-be assassins out to kill Brick. Just don't shoot Grudge, or his nachos!
Chaos City
The short-lived, 2-episode series meant to be a bit of a cinematic / sketch comedy series about The SCP trying to put their show together while dealing with their chaotic (fictional) normal lives. It would later evolve into Adventures In Chaos City, and then Anarchy Island.
Cosmic Rush (2021)
Max Marple's creation of an egotistical space explorer is finally taking off, and it kicked off with his first game Cosmic Rush. We hope to develop Clutch out in a variety of areas, including (hopefully) a cartoon series! TBD on all that, but this game kicked off the HTML5 arcade in 2021!
Dino Maker
The first creation of 2020! Dino Maker was a game that let you make your own dinosaurs as well as fun, mario-ish levels! It had a built in Level Editor, but didn't seem to gain much traction. Ideas for turning it into its own website are always floating around.
A mock band that took music from Yngwie Malmstien, Blazing Haley, and Marilyn Manson. It was a goofy excuse to make music videos. Mr. Smiley was the drummer! Check out Last Stand for these videos.
A parody of MTV Cribs which had The Ruddiger Smithson showing off many 'houses' that actually were not his. Pretty dang funny, and a treat to watch Rudy ad-lib entire episodes. We didn't write this stuff. He literally just made it up as he went along. Check out Last Stand for these videos.
The Duss N Tony Show
The early days of The SCP had Dusty Gaebel and Anthony Martinez doing a sort of 'extreme sports' show. Some of the extreme sports they did were real. Some were just made up. Most of them got weird. You can find the episodes within the episodes of New Show. In time, we'll get direct links. Check out New Show for these episodes.
Erase Invaders (2023)
Another classic SCP Arcade game that has been made over and over and over again. And yet, it still remains a fan favorite. This HTML5 version is intense, and boasts the ability to save progress every five levels. Playing as Dr. Moorhead's Defender, blast Dr. Kock's evil drones which have been sent over to erase all of Dr. Moorhead's computers ... with explosives. While there have been a few changes over the years like style and weapons, the original song remains!
The Fury Saga - The Renegades
Noah B. Wilson wrote a book in 2012! No one has read it (that we know of). It featured a ton of characters created over the years like Johnny Thunderpants, Dr. Moorhead, Charlie, Brick, Grudge, and references to Boozer, Angus, and others. It's pretty good. You should check it out.
Gorpee Kong (2023)
This game has gone through so many changes and iterations, I honestly lost track. And while the Gorpee Kong App remains a lot of people's favorite, this HTML5 version went a new route of randomless and exploration. Play as Dr. Kock (and others) as you search through Corporation H looking for Gorpee, who has gotten lost again. Collect food and cool power ups to help you, but hurry before time runs out! Each game is randomly generated to offer a new challenge every time! The original Gorpee Kong App will be remade (eventually) as Monsterpocalypse.
Smiley Crew's Happy Hour
Smiley Crew's Happy Hour is an hour-long extravaganza of our greatest skits over the years, as well as a place to showcase anything new. It also works great for broadcasting over Twitch/Facebook Live when we feel like doing little marathons. Expect this show to continue as long as we do.
Happy Wacky Tallow Farm
First featured on The Boozer and Stubs Show, the Happy Wacky Tallow Farm was a show about random animals on death row just doing drugs and having sex. It was weird. There were three other episodes made, but when new puppets arrived, four of the surviving members graduated to Super Game Talk Video Alpha.
Logan Mitchell and Noah B. Wilson star in the goofy series about two bumbling hitmen Brick (Logan) and Grudge (Noah). This is the only true cinematic show, and actually earned Noah some respect when he finally went to film school. Grudge has since gone on to appear in Retro Knight. Brick's there too, but he's just a blacksmith and sells things now.
History Tutor
Johnny Thunderpants tried to teach history on a Cable Access show which didn't appear on Cable Access. It's confusing. You'll have to watch it. It's also pretty damn great. This show was actually used in a classroom at CSU Monterey Bay! The topics were picked by a real teacher, and Johnny messed up the lessons. True story.
Jobin On Ice
Jobin On Ice is a silly arcade game that spun off of Jobin Then Penguin. Collect coins and dodge spike balls that are falling from the sky for some reason. You can play it right here on this website!
Jobin The Penguin
Jobin has a great game that you just gotta play. Inspired by Super Mario World, Noah B. Wilson made a funny game about a penguin who lost his favorite toy. Watch the opening scene, and you'll demand vengence! You can't just leave Jobin sad. Jobin also got a smaller game called Jobin On Ice, which is totally free.
Lab of Ingeniocity
Dr. Kockpocalipse's great 'mail in' show about making crazy, mad scientist-like things! Dr. Kock was The SCP's top character from 2005 until ... well, that's up for debate. Dr. Kock and Gorpee got into mischief in 12 episodes of goofy, cartoon fun.
Smiley Crew's Last Stand
The longest running Cable Access Show (10 episodes!) featuring both new and old skits from The SCP. Aired in 2003. Ironically, it was not our last stand. We did another show called Sideshow later.
Living With Smiley
A more polished cartoon was created when Noah B. Wilson and Logan Mitchell worked on their own 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' type show featuring Hollywood having to deal with his annoying roommates Iceman and Mr. Smiley. A very nice 5-episode arc was created featuring cameos from others in Osos Bay.
The Mega Ultimate Comedy Hour
This was a talk show created by The Ruddiger Smithson with Mr. Smiley on the keyboards. It was shot in his garage. Only two episodes were made, and they are both part of Chaos City. This show would evolve into a talk show which made it into the pages of The Renegades novel with Iceman hosting instead.
Migginnty Jones
It was right smack in the middle of St. Patrick's Day in 2012 when Noah B. Wilson and Ryan Hancock wandered down the street with a camera and decided to make something goofy. What came about were these four commercials for a terrible lawyer. Three more commercials were made later on.
Smiley Crew's New Show
When Cable Access came to San Luis Obispo County in 2001, The SCP already had a bunch of goofy videos they had just made for fun. Destined to do something with then, Noah B. Wilson mashed them up into 7 episodes of New Show and put them on television. New Show even won an award! Neat!
Police Beat
One of the oldest shows from The SCP was a buddy-cop show featuring Luis Martinez and Noah B. Wilson. The two didn't really like to follow the rules and beat people up, get it? Sadly, it became harder for us to run around with fake guns, so the show stopped. Check out New Show for these episodes.
Police Beat: Night Vice
A second series of Police Beat was attempted in 2003 and featured undercover cops instead (we didn't have to walk around with fake guns). Gabe Wilson and Logan Mitchell deliver amazing performances as bit players, but only 2 episodes of this show were made. Check out New Show for these episodes.
Just us, shootin' the poop. This was a Q/A segment that was featured at the end of all episodes of Last Stand. Things usually got a bit out of control, and Noah and CJ ended up wrestling a lot. Each episode was also in a random location, often some kind of city park or even a warzone.
Smiley Crew's Prime Time Crew
After New Show, The SCP put together a more focused, formatted show hosted by Max Marple and Luis Martinez. It was Prime Time Crew, and it aired in 2002 for 6 episodes. Things got weird, but they were surely fun as hell. You can watch all six episodes online.
The Renegades
This was Noah's brainchild and meant to be the first cartoon from The SCP, but it was made long before Flash became a fixture. It was meant to also be about a group of weirdos fighting MTV, but now it's pretty dated cuz no one cares about making fun of MTV anymore. Chezare Autrey drew the first and only cartoon. Noah would later write it as a novel. You can find the cartoon as part of Last Stand.
Retro Knight
This might have been the greatest thing to come from Smiley Crew Productions. Retro Knight was a mobile game featuring cameos by lots of characters from Smiley Crew Productions. It was a wild, wacky, 2D adventure full of monsters, food, and beer ... and it was huge! We could talk about this game for hours. An HTML5 version is in development and due for release in 2024.
Rex Miller
Rex Miller was a character created by Dusty Gaebel for Noah B. Wilson's first offical movie filmed in 1999, and the movie wasn't even planned. Noah just told Dusty to chase Ben McKenna around on his skateboard, and they all made it up as they went along. Rex Miller 2: He Is The One was the required Matrix parody (cuz that was a thing at the time) that was made in 2002 featuring Chezare Autrey as well. Rex Miller 3 and later Rex Miller Cubed were attempted, but not finished.
The Risk Taker
Another movie made for a contest, only this time the enemy was time. Literally shot and edited in just 24 hours, Noah B. Wilson and CJ Goodwin put together a story for the ages. The video went to a local film festival were it easily won the most laughs, but not any awards. Some say it was rigged. Noah doesn't care. This movie is legend. Check out Last Stand for this movie and its trailer too.
What in the actual hell is this? We don't know, but all we know is that it is great. Bored with the 'downtown scene' in San Luis Obispo, the gang dug through Noah's trunk, found a security jacket (Noah was never a security guard) and some boxing gloves (nor was he a boxer). Rudy came up with a funny idea. Dusty put on the gloves, and random history was made. Check out this short film/music video and see if you can make heads or tails of it. It is oddly a complete piece, and was 100% made up on the spot.
SCP Arcade
If you're looking for some of the earliest SCP Apps in one place, just grab SCP Arcade. It's got 15 games on it! Not only that, but you can challenge your friends to beat your scores and wager SCP Coins! Pretty cool. A must for all SCP fans, or just fans of cool things.
Smiley Crew's Sideshow
Just as Noah B. Wilson went off to college, Sideshow aired as the last Cable Access Show to come from The SCP. Hosted by Josh Archuleta (and others), Sideshow picked up where Last Stand left off. Were the skits just repackaged? Kinda. Were they still awesome? Yes. Sadly, no new Cable Access shows appeared ... and we hadn't even got to cartoons yet! On top of that, only one episode of all eight seems to have survived. Bummer.
Spookymania was more than just a game, it was an experience! Yes, it is a classic playformer in the same vein as Castlevania and Ghosts N' Goblins, and it plays great! Yet in an attempt to conquer Halloween, Noah made this video game with his wife Sharilyn in 2023, and they decorated the entire yard in the same art! Kids were able to play the game on a giant projected screen and even visit the 'Spookyeasy', which was their garage all decked out to look like Carlos and Cassandra's mansion!
This was a weird prank skit started by The Ruddiger Smithson. There are a lot of random 'episodes' scattered throughout Last Stand. Some of them were staged ... and some were not at all. The skit consisted of Rudy doing something terrible, running away, and then raising his fist and yelling "Sucka!", sometimes at inanimate objects. The Daily Show would later do this exact thing in an episode not long after this started to air. Coincidence? Probably, but ... come on. We totally did it first!
Super Game Talk Video Alpha
Video games made by you. A show made by puppets. This show has more episodes than anything else from Smiley Crew Productions with a whopping 50 episodes! This show broke new ground as it was the first show to 1) actually make some money 2) maintain the same length of each episode and 3) actually be informative. Weird, hu? It's a little bit No, You Shut Up, a little bit Mystery Science Theater 3000, and all shot on a blue screen in Noah B. Wilson's office.
Tales From Chaos City
The SCP's first real attempt at a cartoon series went okay. There are some great moments, but there was much to learn about animation. Nevertheless, these cartoons made in 2004 helped set up Osos Bay, Anarchy Island, and many other things like Living With Smiley, History Tutor, and Anarchy Island Shots.
Tallow Farm
Top Sandwich
Before there were actual puppets, there were sandwich-puppets. This show tried to parody all reality shows by putting seven sandwiches to the test. Who became the Top Sandwich? Meatball Sub would become a proto-Murder Bear as Noah B. Wilson found a new voice he really liked.
The Viking Bunnies
The SCP's most bankable creation could become The SCP's first full-length feature film. Maybe. The Viking Bunnies world is great, and they got one episode of a cartoon series that went very well, but Noah B. Wilson has greater aspirations. He is trying to make a full, two-hour movie, even if he has to make it all himself (which is totally possible, by the way).
Waffle Time
It's Waffle Time! This game was first created as part of the original SCP Arcade App, then spun off into its own solo app, and then came to the new SCP Arcade here on this website! The newest version is a bit different from the original as you have to carry/drop crates and collect as many foods before time runs out instead of just having to find an exit. It is still voiced by friend Brice Shultz, and still includes a silly cooking simulation.
One of the truly great skits that sadly only got two episodes. Created by Dusty Gaebel, the show had an entire mythology about the WeGotYourBack.com Boys fighting to help people in need while dealing with the pesky WeGotYourFront.net monsters. They helped people get through some of the simplest situations equipped with backpacks that 'carried everything'. Noah B. Wilson and CJ Goodwin co-starred. The episodes can be found on Last Stand. We never did get to buy the domain.
There was a film-contest on the show The Best Damn Sports Show Period, and WSDBA actually aired! Sadly, the entire skit was six minutes long, and the contest had a three-minute max limit. So Noah B. Wilson just sped the whole thing up! Logan Mitchell hosts a goofy game of one-on-one basketball that has no out of bounds. We talked about making it a series, but why? This stands alone just fine.
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