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In 2007, Noah B. Wilson brought Dr. Kock to life in
the first cartoon series to reach a dozen episodes!

Ingenious! Dr. Kockpocalipse, the famed super-villain and master of Corporation H, has his own show where he reads letters from fans longing to get into the evil super-villain game. Offering a glimpse into his mind, Dr. Kock helps these people realize their dreams by showing them how to make crazy invnetions ... or maybe just some nachos.

Ingeniocity: The ability to come up with ingenious ideas extremely fast. That's Dr. Kock's jam! From laser guns to time rays to general questions about weight loss, Dr. Kockpocalipse has the answers to all of your questions for he is the world's greatest super-villain. Deep within his secure compound known as Corporation H on the insane island of Anarchy Island, Dr. Kock is free to do as he pleases and test his ideas out on the moronic locals in Osos Bay. With his loyal monster Gorpee by his side, there's nothing he can't create, explore, answer, or blow up!
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101 - KILLER HAIR GEL (2007)
Dr. Kock starts things off with teaching us all how to make our own hair gel, as well as offering us some insight into his time spent in high school.
102 - TIME RAY (2007)
Dr. Kock advertises the Time Ray made by his frenemy Dr. Moorhead, and ends up finding out who stole his sandwich. Some excellent writing if I do say so myself!
It'sa Dr. Kock! It's time to upgrade the tired or wheelchair and take it for a spin. Gorpee shows up to help ... or does he just want to race?
104 - EMAIL MONSTER (2007)
Tired of just sending computer viruses? Ever wanted to send a monster through email? Dr. Kock explores this concept as he wages war on the electronics store Wired Nuts.
105 - PLASMA CANNON (2007)
Dr. Kock gets a letter from the patent office he does not enjoy, and he is starting to realize that Dr. Moorhead is becoming a major pain in the butt.
106 - OXYTOXICANE (2007)
The madman gets a letter from 'his biggest fan' with a question that ends up revealing the truth of his past letters. Was there more going on that even he knew?
201 - THE BLACK VORTEX (2007)
Season 2 is here, and Dr. Kock goes right to work on showing off his newest invention, as well as those Pink Floyd posters he found. Nice decorating.
202 - NACHO GUN (2007)
Who doesn't love nachos? Dr. Kock is excited to get started on such an invention, but he seems to attract some attention from the local hitmen.
203 - SLIM KOCK (2007)
A letter gets Dr. Kock started on an idea he cannot shake: a weight loss pill. Longing to get into the weight loss business, Dr. Kock tests on the locals.
204 - CARPET MONSTER (2007)
Dr. Kock knows exactly how to make a carpet monster, so listen up! Longing to seek out the final ingredient, Dr. Kock and Gorpee head to the graveyard.
A letter from a company longing to invest in Slim Kock derails the normal episode as Dr. Kock is asked to rework his formula. Back to testing!
206 - MOORHEAD'S PLOT (2007)
Looks like Dr. Moorhead was once again plotting against Dr. Kockpocalipse ... but this time he had help. Who else is after the great super-villain? (Might require a google).
  Dr. Kock appears in a lot of games with even more on the way!  
Dr. Kockpocalipse - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Moorhead - Noah B. Wilson
Gorpee - Noah B. Wilson
Wired Nut - Joey Milano
Hollywood - Noah B. Wilson
Charlie - Kiwi Simpson

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Animated by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2007 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
In a time when Flash was king and Homestar Runner was huge, Dr. Kockpocalipse's solo cartoon showed up a bit too late to the party. Lab of Ingeniocity was created in the epic SCP year of 2007, and launched Dr. Kock into stardom (as far as we are concerned). He even got his own page on the Flash/Humor website Albino Blacksheep! Answering letters similar to how Strong Bad answered emails, Dr. Kock's show established his personality and his little world on Anarchy Island (then called Adventures In Chaos City). There have been attempts to bring this show back, and Dr. Kock as shown up in Living With Smiley and Anarchy Island (as well as several SCP Games), but nothing too grand as of yet. Hopefully, Dr. Kockpocalipse will rule the day once more ...

©2007 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
  Dr. Kock has appeared in a lot of stuff, and even once live action!  
Tales From Chaos City #1: The Prophecy 2005
I think this might have been the first cartoon made by Smiley Crew Productions. If it's not, it is surely one of the first. A meteor is headed for Chaos City, and Billy Bob Thorton (Joey Milano) is asked to help!
Tales From Chaos City #2: The Fury Gate 2005
In a direct follow up to Episode #1, Dr. Kock and Hollywood go to investigate the crash site while Kurt Russell (Max Marple) and James Spader (Joey Milano) get wise to their plans.
Anarchy Island #1: Residential Evil 2011
With better animation, almost every SCP character, and a few more years of experience, 'Tales From Chaos City' became Anarchy Island! Yet ... this was the only episode that was made. Bummer, cuz it ends on a cliffhanger. Sorry about that. This also randomly has a video by Meatball Sub at the end, who later became Murder Bear. Don't ask.
Anarchy Island - Afternoon Harpoon 2013
Dr. Kockpocalipse is looking for something ... or someone ... somehow.
Anarchy Island - The Distant Future 2013
Dr. Kockpocalipse goes to the future and comes back with a dire warning.
Anarchy Island - Chicken Banana Pizza 2013
Dr. Kockpocalipse wants a slice of Chicken Banana Pizza. Why?
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