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Hey there! I'm Noah. I make games too. I use SCP Games as my production name, and it has nothing to do with that other 'SCP' thing, so deal with it.

I love video games, and I love making video games. I tell a lot of my 'gamer' friends that once you start making video games, you stop playing. I have always loved mazes and platformers and grew up in love with the old Nintendo Entertainment System. I taught myself how to make simple Flash games in 2003, and realized that actually making games was possible beyond just stupid drawings and ideas. I jumped in head first, but then hit my head on the bottom of the pool when Flash became 'evil' and the internet (and Steve Jobs) sought to destroy it. From roughly 2013-2020, Adobe Air kept me going and I was able to turn some of those old ideas into mobile apps!

However, upon realizing very quickly that there were just too many apps out in the world made by entire teams of programmers and professional companies (and now even mega-giants like Nintendo), I gave up on trying to 'make money' off of games and instead embraced the joy of just making games that I enjoyed playing, only now with my own spin. Plus, with the loss of Flash, I have been working hard on (again) coverting those old Flash games into HTML5 games that you can still play in your browser. So far so good!

As long as I can keep making games, you can find me here cranking them out! Be sure to check out the Coming Soon page as that has some of the ideas I'm working on right now (or just look at the top-right of the screen). I am always, always, always making something.
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Jobin On Ice (HTML5) (2021)
This classic SCP Game has jumped from mobile to HTML5, and now you can play it right in your browser! Pixelated and enhanced with some new features, this fun and funny game will keep you coming back for more coins! Just beware of those giant Spike Balls as they too have come back for more.  
Cosmic Rush (HTML5) (2021)
Throwback to the days of old ... from the future! This retro shooter will have you blasting tons of space ships who seem to want nothing more than to destroy you too! Zip faster and faster into the cosmos as Clutch Sprocket in your sexy Galaxy Defender while picking up Power Orbs, and Mighty Coins to boost your ship and your score! See how long your Cosmic Rush can last as the game gets faster, the enemies get harder, and the screen fills up with deadly rays. 
Gorpee Kong (iOS) (2020)
Corporation H is on the fritz (as usual), and it's up to Dr. Kockpocalipse, Dr. Moorhead, and others, to make sure Gorpee is safe. Track Gorpee down in this mash-up of legendary games Donkey Kong and Mega Man. 
Retro Knight (iOS) (2018)
Are you ready for REAL mobile adventure? Welcome to Retro Knight, an action/RPG/sandbox game that offers retro-inspired adventure not found on other mobile games! Play as Grudge, the newest knight to be recruited by King Kerupt and General Jerkface, as he starts a quest to not only became the greatest knight in all of Kingdomland, but also to recover the Relics of General Importance and rid the land of monsters. 
Dino Maker (iOS) (2020)
Ever wanted to make your own Dinosaur? Of course you have ... duh. Dino Maker lets you do that, and so much more! Go on adventures as your own Dino that you design! Not only can you play tons of puzzle-ish levels in this 2D-platformer, but you can make your own levels and share them with everyone. This is truely a Dino-making game of endless possibilities! 
Jobin The Penguin (iOS) (2016)
Shape Aliens have taken Jobin's favorite ball, mistaking it as their great leader! The horror! Play as Jobin The Penguin on a quest that will take this lovable penguin away from his frozen home and all over the world! 
SCP Arcade (iOS) (2016)
Many of SCP Games' Apps are now in one App: this one! Play 15 (15!!!) different games like Erase Invaders, Jobin On Ice, Six Pack Man, Brick Doubt, Hambert's Dumb Adventure, and many more that I will add until the end of time! 
Erase Invaders (iOS) (2014)
Explosive carnage is ready to be unleashed as Dr. Kockpocalipse tries to invade Dr. Moorhead's lab with his mini robots! Blast these robots to pieces and keep them from erasing all of Dr. Moorhead's computer files in this retro-inspired 'Space Invaders / Astrosmash' mash-up! 
Bomber Tanks (iOS) (2017)
Blow up your friends (and foes) in real-time player-vs-player combat! Send tanks to invade forts and steal their gold! Play Arcade mode and collect more gold to build up your forces! Complete for high scores and become the greatest fort of all! 
Six Pack Man (iOS) (2014)
Blow up the sewers in the crazy, retro-inspired mash-up of Pac-Man, Bomberman, and Gauntlet. Play as Boozer and Stubs and see how much loose change you can find down in the sewers of Osos Bay. 
Shopping Cart Carnage (iOS) (2014)
Wacky drunks Boozer and Stubs have stolen a beer-powered shopping cart, and it has no brakes! These two troublemakers are ready to go on a tour of Osos Bay in search of as much beer as possible. 
Brick Doubt (iOS) (2015)
This brick-bustin' ball game borrows from the classic Brick-Out game, and adds a few new surprises. Play as Dr. Kockpocalipse and smash as many bricks as you can. Defend your fortress! Smash! 
Bunny Blocks (iOS) (2014)
The Viking Bunnies are all mixed up in their search for treasure in this addicting puzzle game. 
SCP Games is indeed a sub-division of Smiley Crew Productions as a whole as it is typically only me (Noah B. Wilson) doing 90% of the work. I started making games in some fashion before I was a teenager, but they were merely mazes on graph paper because computer programming wasn't nearly as common among everyday people as it is now. I even tried to make games in Microsoft Excel, but that didn't go great.

I got into Flash Games in 2003 (the SCP Labs), and made my first major game Adventures In Chaos City in 2005. Games would pour out from there, but they were all stuck in a web browser with no means of actually getting played anywhere outside of Flash. Then when Steve Jobs built a coffin for Flash and everyone else lined up with their nails, I pretty much stopped caring about games for a while. What was I to do? SCP 'Labs' was dead before it started.

But after a breakthru in realizing that 1) Flash Games could be ported to mobile and 2) Actionscript 3.0 wasn't so hard to learn after having basically mastered Actionscript 2.0, a major conversion went into play and I started to develop games again! This time, my games could be put right on your phone! I went to work, forgot about making movies and cartoons for a few years, and pumped out Erase Invaders, Hambert's Dumb Adventure, Shopping Cart Carnage, Waffle Time, Brick Doubt, Bunny Blocks, and several others in just a few short years. After a round of making smaller games, I aimed bigger with Jobin The Penguin, then real big with Retro Knight. Dino Maker and Gorpee Kong followed, but then Flash exploded. I knew it was coming, but I didn't think it would be this bad.

And so now in 2021, I am working on saving all my old games and remaking them in HTML5. It has been going well and I think you'll still be able to play my games right here on this website even, and hopefully once again on your phone (or maybe even beyond that).
A History of Games
-----Flash Games Only (Originals All Removed)
High Jumping Rabbits (2003)
Six Pack Man (2003) (Remastered in 2014)
Bad Memory (2004)
Muffin Slot Machine (2004)
Gorpee Kong (2004) (Remastered in 2020)
Space Flight (2004)
Mr. Smiley's Pipe Cleaners (2004)
Nikki Z's Street Racer (2005)
Space Taters (2005)
Adventures In Chaos City (2005-2006)
Homicidal Puppets (2007-2010)
Anarchy Island (2010-2012)
-----Mobile Apps
Erase Invaders (2014)
Hambert's Dumb Adventure (2014)
Bad Scientist (2014) (Now Gorpee Smash in SCP Arcade)
Pizza Topper (2014) (Removed)
Six Pack Man (2014)
Bunny Balloons (2014)
Bunny Blocks (2014)
Waffle Time (2014) (Currently Removed)
Shopping Cart Carnage (2015)
Brick Doubt (2015)
Brick Doubt 2 (2015)
Cannibal: The Musical: The Game (2015) (Removed)
Kitten Juggling (2015) (Currently Removed)
Jobin The Penguin (2016)
SCP Arcade (2016)
Bomber Tanks (2017)
Doc's Arcade (2017) (SCP Arcade Clone)
Jobin On Ice (2018) (Appeared earlier in SCP Arcade)
Spectrum Arcade (Currently Removed)
Retro Knight: The Relics of General Importance (2018)
Dino Maker (2020)
Gorpee Kong (2020)
-----HTML5 Games
Cosmic Rush (2021)
Jobin On Ice (2021)
Brick Doubt (2021)
Bad Memory (2021)
-----Future Titles?
Dino Maker (HTML5 / Website)
Angus McGreggor's Hunting Paradise (HTML5)
Gorpee Kong (HTML5)
Dr. Kock's Monsterpocalyse (HTML5)
Jobin The Penguin (HTML5 / Website)
Retro Knight: The Islands of Forced Obsoletion (HTML5)
Super Game Talk Video Alpha Retro Knight
The Boozer And Stubs Show Gorpee Kong
Animal Fury Dino Maker
Migginnty Jones SCP Arcade
Ask Quackers Six Pack Man
Anarchy Island Erase Invaders
Living With Smiley Jobin The Penguin
Hitmen Bomber Tanks
Lab Of Ingeniocity Shopping Cart Carnage
The Viking Bunnies Brick Doubt
Prime Time Crew Bunny Blocks
Chaos City  
Smiley Crew's Last Stand  
Smiley Crew's New Show  
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