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When The Risk Taker steals CJ's game pieces from the game of Risk, he must embark on a quest to get them back, otherwise Rudy might win! Meanwhile, Rudy wants Mr. Smiley to make him some toast, but the evil Captain Chimpy stands in his way.
CJ - CJ Goodwin
Rudy - Adam Vickers
Mr. Smiley - Himself
Captain Chimpy - Himself
The Risk Taker - Frankie Van Hooser

Filmed and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Logan Mitchell
c. 2003 Smiley Crew Productions
Made in 2003 in twenty-four hours, The Risk Taker is still one of the craziest and best things The SCP ever did. It is a stupid movie with a stupid plot that is also just amazing. The story revolved around The Ruddiger Smithson and CJ playing a game of Risk while Mr. Smiley hung out in the kitchen. Things take a turn when The Risk Taker shows up and steals some of CJ's game pieces. Noah honestly only wrote a plot outline and some of the edits he wanted to do (especially revolving around the fight scenes), but a vast majority of the dialog is just made up on the spot, especially by Rudy and CJ. We shot this entire movie in about 4 hours, edited it over night back when render times were a total pain, and Logan did the music on a Casio keyboard. Stupid special effects thrown in for the hell of it. We worked so fast that no one caught the typo in the opening credits. Oh well.

Fun Facts: CJ was told not to drink the smoothie at the end as it was just cold canned peas and ... some stuff we can't rememeber. He did anyway, which is why you can hear Logan and Noah nearly laughing in the background. Logan was working Mr. Smiley at the time, which is also why Mr. Smiley turns back to the camera as if to say 'WTF?'.
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