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It's our 25th year of making things!
Let's see if we can live stream the entire year!

Hey there! We're Smiley Crew Productions: just a bunch of friends who have been making things
for way too long. We're older than Youtube. We're way older than Twitch. We never got
popular, but that doesn't stop us from making cool stuff. Enjoy our corner of the internet.

Here's the latest releases as of April 14, 2024,
as well as what we got in the cooker!
The long awaited Animal Fury game here! You can play Arcade Mode!
Five new levels have been added to Gorpee Kong. Don't be scared.
You can now create and accept Challenges in the Arcade!
Carlos and Cassandra are here just in time for Halloween!
It's Waffle Time! The HTML5 version is ready with wild updates!
The Gang achieved a milestone!
Watch Episode 50!
Or you can check out our Discord for more!


  We've been making video since 1999! They (sadly) aren't all here, but here's some of greats.  
Murder Bear and friends made a video game review show!
It's Angus VS Nature in this
classic animal hunting parody!
A hobo and a drunk clown teach you everything they know!
Brick and Grudge are for hire!
Check out the legendary series!
The insanity of Anarchy Island
offered in tiny, quick cartoons.
The crazy duck Quackers answers questions from the world.
He's easily the worst lawyer ever. Check out his commercials!
Hollywood's roommates Iceman and Smiley drive him nuts.
The legendary series that gave
Dr. Kock a voice. Bad idea.
Johnny Thunderpants knows a thing about history, maybe.
Captain Fuzzy, Thora, Lars and Steve are ready to set sail!
The only reality show that matters! Sandwiches compete!
If you are looking for the really, really old stuff from our Cable Access days, check under Shows.
  We used to make Flash games and iOS Apps, but now all our games are in HTML5 and right here to play!  
Carlos and Cassandra must get back to their mansion!
A new HTML5 version of Brick Doubt featuring The Hitmen!
Jobin On Ice comes to HTML5! Play in your browser!
HTML5 gaming kicks off with the brand new game Cosmic Rush!
Boozer and Stubs don't have many brain cells left. Do you?
Gorpee is lost in Corporation
and Dr. Kock has to find him!
Protect Moorhead's computers
in this retro-inspired game!
Collect foods to make the best waffles in the world!
All of these games can be played in Chrome, Edge, or Safari with more to come!
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  We tried our hands at books too! Check out The Viking Bunnies adventures. Read them all here! Free!  
Read the first Viking Bunnies book online right now!
The Viking Bunnies are back in a second adventure!
The Viking Bunnies are in trouble in their third adventure!
Read the first Viking Bunnies book online right now!
Did you know there's a Smiley Crew novel too? Sure you didn't. Nobody does. I'm not bitter or anything.
  Before Youtube even existed, we were putting our videos on SLO County Cable Access!  
How much SCP do you want?
Enjoy hour-long mini-marathons!
STGVA started in 2018 and made it to fifty episodes! Wow!
Our cable access show from 2003 got ten episodes! Rad!
Only two episodes of Chaos City made it to air in 2002. Bummer.
2002's wacky talk show with Max Marple and Luis Martinez.
It's the first Cable Access show we ever did. Way back in 2001!
We may not produce many shows anymore, but we're not retired. There's always talk of making 'something' someday.
I'm Noah, and this is Smiley Crew Productions: a group of friends who were always ahead of their time.
Infancy (1998 - 2001)

Way back in 1998 in between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I got very interested in filmmaking after acquiring a video camera and a stupid bit of video software called Avid 'Videoshoppe'. I had always tinkered with computers and really crappy animation, but after figuring out how to hook my camera up to an old Apple LC3 (I think that's what it was called), I found I could edit video, and it was awesome. Granted, I couldn't get the video off the computer, so I set the camera up to video tape the screen, and well, that's how I made the first of our old videos. Keep in mind this is well before Youtube, and it was still pretty much impossible to get a video on the internet.

Hell bent on progress, I would get an iMac during my senior year of high school and handy piece of video editing software called iMovie 1.0. Yes, the original. Dusty Gaebel, Ben McKenna, and I made The Adventures of Rex Miller in 1999 with that software and a digital camera (my first video camera was still analog!), and Smiley Crew Productions was on the title screen. Yet iMovie did not satisfy me, and I quickly stumbled upon Final Cut Pro 1.0. Another original. After tinkering and learning the program in my own bedroom, I came up with the idea to shoot Rex Miller 2, and well ... that was that. Dusty and Ben came back, and Chezare Autrey appeared as well. It was a goofy movie, and Matrix parodies were all rage. Can you blame me?

Loving that we could make movies, ideas poured in from all our friends. Luis Martinez and Max Marple came up with Animal Fury, and we shot a few episodes when we could. Luis joined me on a show called Police Beat. Our stupid news show Action Jackson News 22 was very popular as Luis and Matt Taverner were a great pair in the studio while Eric Maple and I were out doing 'news stories'. Liz Wilt and Ben McKenna got in there as well. Dusty Gaebel and Anthony Martinez made The Duss N Tony Show. My brother Gabe Wilson got a camera for himself and made a few original episodes of The Boozer The Clown Show, and when he visited, we shot a few funny things. We made so many videos in 2000-2001 that I lost track of some of them, but those are the ones that really stuck out. Thankfully for us kids without Youtube, Cable Access was born in 2001 and we were on it, literally. We had already shot a ton of stuff, and now we were inspired to do more.
The Cable Access Years (2001 - 2004)

So in 2001, I put a lot of our old stuff together and created New Show. It ran for 8 episodes and showcased all the early things we had made just for kicks. Remember: No Youtube. We didn't have any place to put what we created other than trying to figure out a way to stick tiny Quicktime movies online. After a bit more practice at producing for television, Prime Time Crew came in 2002 and new ideas continued to grow as The SCP gained numbers and talent. I tried to create a new show called Chaos City after PTC aired, but it was a bit too ... ambitious. The Ruddiger Smithson and CJ Goodwin joined the gang and delivered epic moments. Dusty, CJ, and I did some fun episodes of a goofy show Dusty came up with called WeGotYourBack.com. Don't go to the domain, it's not ours. Ryan Hancock joined Gabe on The Boozer The Clown Show in 2003, thus changing its name eventually to The Boozer and Stubs Show. We shot some early stuff, but the really great stuff wouldn't come for a few more years. Logan Mitchell joined up as a keyboardist for a movie CJ and I made called The Risk Taker. WSDBA was made, Logan and I made a Hitmen pilot, and Josh Archuleta hostd out final show Smiley Crew's Sideshow. From 2001-2004, we aired quite a few shows on Cable Access from New Show (8) to Prime Time Crew (6) to Chaos City (2) to Last Stand (10) to Sideshow (8) (Sorry, this one seems to be lost. I'm really bummed cuz Josh Archuleta was an amazing host. I found one episode and I'm still trying to find the others.). Cable Access fun came to an end when I went off to college in 2004.
College, Cartoons, and More Chaos City (2004 - 2007)

College in 2004-2005 limited my ability to make movies because, well, I didn't have my team of awesome actors (also: school). Moving away, I was stuck with a need to continue to make something, and that's when I got into Flash animation. Homestar Runner was popular, Youtube was just starting to grow, and I always loved making silly voices. Being the guy who always held the camera for years and years, cartoons let me finally develop some characters of my own like Dr. Kockpocalipse, Johnny Thunderpants, and several others down the road. Joey Milano and Kiwi Simpson offered their voices to my cartoons, among original crew members like Logan, Max, and Gabe. Top Sandwich was made in our kitchen. Living With Smiley was created near the end of 2007. I wish I had more patience to make cartoons because some of them I loved to death from a writing standpoint. My animation wasn't all that great, but I enjoyed coming up with silly plots like the ones from Tales From Chaos City, which was sort of an animated version of my original idea for Chaos City back in the day. This was also the first time video games became an option as I created Adventures In Chaos City to be the website/game of The SCP, but it was too early to really smash into the gaming world. That would come later.

I think if I had all the time in the world, I would really push Anarchy Island. (The Anarchy Island Shots I made were just me trying to get something written and produced, and were my favorite cartoons until I kicked off The Viking Bunnies again in late 2017).
The HD Return (2007 - 2012)

After college, some members of the gang and I got back together for 'one more ride'. Equipped with way nicer equipment than we had during the first go, Max and I rebooted Animal Fury and made 7 more episodes in 2007 and 2008. We talk about making a feature still. Logan and I made the real episodes of Hitmen in 2008. Gabe, Ryan, and I made 11 (maybe 12) episodes of The Boozer And Stubs Show, and ideas for cartoons kept bouncing around. This is the first time the Happy Wacky Tallow Farm appeared, and they would later spin off into their own show (before becoming SGTVA later). Sadly, this was a slow time due to distance and circumstance, but The SCP would not fold. Most of my time from 2008-2013 was spent making video games instead of movies (as well as get a real job and try to figure out Youtube), but these games were still browser-based and Flash-based, and the world was starting to frown on Flash.

There were a few lost show ideas like The Meatball Sub Show (which I don't have copies of, but you can see there was an idea if you watch the original 2011 pilot for Anarchy Island). Anarchy Island Shots and Happy Wacky Tallow Farm made it in 2012. Ryan and I got bored one day and went out and made some Migginnty Jones commercials as well.
Mobile Crew (2013 - 2019)

But in 2013, things took a wild turn when I realized those 'Flash games' I had made in the past could be made into mobile apps. Full stop. After tinkering around with smaller games like Erase Invaders and Hambert's Dumb Adventure, bigger games like Shopping Cart Carnage, SCP Arcade, and Jobin The Penguin were released. While I did come back around to make at least one cartoon for The Viking Bunnies, it was clear that making games was a place I could not only thrive, but actually make a few bucks! I then dropped a few more big games like Bomber Tanks and the epic that is Retro Knight. Then with the approval of CJ and Dusty, I also started to make SGTVA: Super Game Talk Video Alpha in 2018 as a show to go with www.indievideogames.com.

The grand year of 2019 was largely devoted to pushing Retro Knight further and further while new ideas popped up for future games. SGTVA slowed down after 32 episodes were made, and more still will be made in the future. Ideas for a Viking Bunnies feature movie, an Anarchy Island game, and the elusive Robot Gardens concept bubble and grow, but are not made. This year was really all about Retro Knight and seeing what was possible out in the world. Planning was done for 2020, and that's when things really started to heat up. (Or, at least I thought so. Heck, we all did.)
The (Failed) Reunion Tour (2020-2021)

In 2020, and I got this crazy idea to just 'do things' again. But not like the snail's pace I was doing: like, legit 'doing things' even though we're all in our late 30 / early 40s and not internet famous. Who cares? Things are awesome. And so, the Fifty Things challenge was created: I wanted to produce 50 new things in 2020 (be it episodes of shows or apps). And so, Dino Maker smashes things right out of the gate, SGTVA returns, Smiley Crew TV arrives on Roku, some lost Migginnty Jones commercials finally see the light of day, and that was only January! A lost Boozer and Stubs episode is found as well! Ask Quackers spins off of SGTVA. Gorpee Kong made a big debut.

But then that dang Covid hit, and we had to try new things. We tried our hand at doing a new show, but that has yet to really take hold. Turned out there was only so much we could do based on the new state of the world, and it obviously dragged on. The plan to produce 50 new things got smacked in the kneecaps, but hey, we made it to 30 at least. Things tried to carry into 2021, but yeah, it was not easy for anyone to just go out and do things. We still tried.

The HTML5 Revolution (2022-2023)

In 2022, all our old games began their transitions off of mobile and back to browsers, and that is leading to Retro Knight 2's huge HTML5 version in 2024. This is still in development, and will become a brand new playground going forward. I am trying to rope in as many other characters as possible. On top of that, the moniker SCP Games will become a sort of "Smiley Crew All-Stars" type arena for all my old iOS Apps, as well as plenty of new games. Stay tunned.

There's a lot of stuff sprinkled in here and there, but ya know: lives. We clearly missed the boat on being Youtube famous, but oh well, we made a ton of awesome stuff and I still love it to death. Just so I don't miss anyone because a lot of people helped make The SCP great and fun, lemme be sure to list all the people I can remember: The Ruddiger Smithson, Anthony Martinez, Liz Wilt, Drew Gaebel, Josh Archuleta, Marci Calvillo, Tony Torres, Coner Lawler, Shane Kumalac, and Nick Bishop. If I missed your name, sorry, don't hate me. We filmed A LOT of stuff over the years, and there's more years to come!
The fun will never end, dammit!
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