Video games by you. A show by puppets. Super Game Talk Video Alpha is the #1 Indie Video Game Talk Show hosted by puppets, and there is no disputing that. Join Murder Bear, Quackers, Doc, and Warty as they talk about real video games you can actually play!

Super Game Talk Video Alpha is the official show of Hosted by Murder Bear (most of the time), SGTVA is the fast-paced, funny, and frequently crude indie video game review show that you need in your life. The gang at SGTVA take a look at some of the rare indie video game gems out there in the world! This news show is not only totally real (all the games are actually real games made and submitted by real people), but it's also damn funny. The cast of Happy Wacky Tallow Farm (that survived) is here to talk games, and you trust puppets, right?

Keep in mind that there are over 30 EPISODES of SGTVA! The list below is only a sample. You can find all the episodes on their Youtube Playlist.
The first episode gets started with less than a bang when Quackers complains on air that he didn't get a shirt. Murder Bear talks about all the great segments on the show, and reviews Chaos And The White Robot.
Quackers thinks he should go to Tijuana for some reason, and Doc seems to have lost all of his pants. Meanwhile as Murder Bear tries to keep the show going, he reviews Hexa Words and God Damn Cardgame.
Quackers has indeed run off to Tijuana, yet still manages to do the show remotely. Yet when a bee attacks the studio, Warty is chosen to eat it. Murder Bear reviews Wordsum Blitz and Stupid Aliens.
Claws discovers someone under his desk who may or may not be a puppeteer, Quackers's travels take him to Hawaii after he gets kicked out of Mexico, and Warty misses the show because he is suffering from 'The Bee Incident'. Despite the troubles, Murder Bear reviews Volatile Triangle and The Midnight Show.
EPISODE 5: LIVE EPISODE 3/11/18 (2018)
With all the craziness going on in the SGTVA studio, Murder Bear takes it upon himself to do the show, doing SGVTA's first ever live show. It's a doozy of one random review after another after another. Way to take one for the team, Murder Bear.
Now with everything back to normal, the SGTVA gang does their job and does it well. Without any hiccups, Quackers, Doc, and Warty all do their respective segments while Murder Bear reviews Sentinels and Orc Island Creative Survival.
Murder Bear is dead, and somehow Quackers has taken over hosting duties for the show, which doesn't really sit well in Doc's eyes. Nevertheless, the show must go on! In his first rounds of reviews, Quackers reviews VR Shooter Guns and Selma And The Wisp.
Turns out Murder Bear is not dead, and he is back to host the show! Quackers it put back in his place, and Doc seems too busy to do his segment. Must be a lot of cool things going on over at! Back at the desk, Murder Bear reviews Metropolis and Susurrus.
Is Murder Bear dead again? Probably not because his name is in the title of the episode. In any case, it seems that Murder Bear back after yet another Meatball Sub attack, and he's here to review Forests of Augusta and Ghost Squad.
EPISODE 10: LIVE EPISDOE 4/17/18 (2018)
Murder Bear dives into the world of Live Broadcasts again as he does another marathon-review-show. How many reviews did he manage to do? We don't know. We can't count that high. Check out SGTVA's second live show!
Claws 'Murder Bear' Van Der Kill - Noah B. Wilson
Quackers - Noah B. Wilson
Doc - Noah B. Wilson
Warty - Noah B. Wilson

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
SGTVA started as Happy Wacky Tallow Farm as part of The Boozer And Stubs Show, then broke off into three episodes of their own when Boozer and Stubs wanted to do more segments. Only three episodes were made because we technically didn't own the puppets, so we couldn't 'profit' off of them. Even after new puppets were ordered and made, the idea had passed.

Then when Noah B. Wilson bought in 2016, an idea for a 'video game review show' started to brew. Dusty Gaebel and CJ Goodwin always talked about doing a video game talk show called Super Game Talk Video Alpha, but it never got going, mostly cuz life got in the way, and soon The SCP wasn't really making 'shows' anymore (especially after cable access got snatched up by some religious nuts, and Youtube became full of weirdos talking about video games).

Combining the gang from Tallow Farm in with seemed to be the logical solution. And so, a deal was struck between Noah, Dusty, and CJ, and SGTVA finally made the light of day! The puppets from Tallow Farm left the farm and got a studio of their own (well, most of them did, we only have five puppets, and one was too small for Noah's hand to use). Murder Bear got a new voice because his old voice wasn't going to last an entire show, and Quackers, Doc, and Warty came along.

As with any show, the pilot and first few episodes were a little rough. But it didn't take long to find a groove, find a formula, and get things really rolling! Soon, a new episode was popping out every week with production times dropping down to just a few hours. Soon, SGTVA became the only show in SCP history to actually make money (not very much, but ... something! Enough to buy a few beers and tacos!). While SGTVA took most of 2019 off so work could be done on Retro Knight and Dino Maker, Murder Bear and the gang are back for more fun in 2020. It's back, baby!

Tallow Farm #1 - The Bong Ship (2012)
Doc builds a space ship to help him escape the Tallow Farm, and he asks Warty to help him test it out. Quackers thinks it looks like a bong.
Tallow Farm #2 - The Giving Head (2012)
Buns has a plan to help Meowmers out once Meowmers realizes she has herpes. Quackers has a better idea.
Tallow Farm #3 - Feeding The Bear (2012)
Quackers makes a deal with Murder Bear and comes up with a plan to feed him. Doc appears to be a fan of Dr. Moorhead?
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