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Believe it or not, everything is connected, or at least it tries to be. This might explain why Dr. Kockpocalipse and Angus McGreggor show up in Retro Knight, or why Doc admires Dr. Moorhead, or really just all the stuff going down on Anarchy Island. So in order to kind of keep things under control a bit, here's a list of some of the famous areas of the planet Chaoticas, and how things fit together, sorta.
Anarchy Island
Everything pretty much starts and/or started on Anarchy Island. Anarchy Island is a small island smack dab in the middle of The Wild Sea where there is just ... well, anarchy. There is no ruling government or established rules, yet somehow three towns have sprung up and exist in some kind of controlled chaos. Most of the adventures of Boozer and Stubs, Johnny Thunderpants, Hollywood and Iceman, and of course Dr. Kockpocalipse take place in the town of Osos Bay. You could also say that the Hitmen are centralized there with a few jumps or references to the other city of Saint Lou City. There is also the city of Dragonport, but that only appeared in some now defunct video games. If I ever get around to making the Anarchy Island video game, you'll be able to go to all three cities and the wilderness surrounding them.
Speaking of the wilderness, there's a reason why Angus McGreggor and Charlie Peacock came to Anarchy Island: the crazy animals that exist there. This is largely due to the fact that Dr. Kockpocalipse's monsters have escaped time and time again, bred, and created new monsters and animals not found anywhere else in the world. Angus and Charlie moved to Anarchy Island to hunt these crazy creatures because Dr. Kockpocalipse doesn't care to catch them again.
I hate to say it, but there is a giant story about Anarchy Island (and other parts of Chaoticas) called The Fury Saga which I'm not actually sure I'll ever get around to sharing. I wrote one book you can find here, but there are actualy five total outlines I would like to figure out how to get to the masses. It explains Mr. Smiley's origins, Dr. Moorhead's fate, Mr. Unstoppable creation, and then the future of those on Anarchy Island. More on that below.
Believe it or not, Kingdomland and Retro Knight is a 'sequel' to Anarchy Island. Yes, it is an entirely different and far larger island on the other side of The Wild Sea. It is also totally stuck in the past, hence it's medieval themes and lack of technology. If you've played Retro Knight, you know that there are laser guns, flame throwers, scooters, and other modern things to be discovered, and this is due to the influx of Anarchy Island residents who have moved to Kingdomland.
This also explains why characters like Dr. Kockpocalipse, Johnny Thunderpants, Angus McGreggor, and yes, Grudge, are now in Kingdomland. They all moved there, but not as a group. There was some kind of exodus from Anarchy Island which may or may not be revealed one day. Only time will tell.
Nevertheless, Grudge and Brick seem to have found a new life on Kingdomland and given up their hitmen ways.
Egostica has not been mentioned much in any of my lore, but it is the home of several large cities and organizations. First off, it is the home of Mastermind Broadcasting which makes a few cameos and also apperas heavily in The Renegades. It is also the home of GovTech who also make cameos and try to act as the world government of Chaoticas. No one likes them.
Egostica is the home of the sprawling metropolis Juggernaut City, which could also be considered the home of Super Game Talk Video Alpha. If you see anything on this site that is from a giant city, it's probably set here. Migginnty Jones is here as well.
Outside of Juggernaut City is Sprocket Town City, a new venture, and the original Tallow Farm which led to Super Game Talk Video Alpha.
The Animal Kingdom
Hidden away from all the chaos of the rest of the world is a small island that seems really big to those who live there. This is of course the home of The Viking Bunnies who have big dreams of being famous, or exploring the world depending on which bunny you talk to. These talking animals have their own tiny bubble where they deal with each other and generally stay away from humans.
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