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In 2003, the gang got together to make a skit for
The Best Damn Sports Show Peroid. We lasted longer.

Welcome to the WSDBA, the Worldwide Super Dunk Basketball Association. This one-on-one basketball league feature games where you can score on any hoop you can find in the world! Let's follow the action of Ace VS King!
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Ace - The Ruddiger Smithson
King - Nick Bishop
Pete Yankmee - Josh Archuleta
Jake Stanovich - Logan Mitchell

Filmed and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2003 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Made in 2003 as part of a contest to get on The Best Damn Sports Show Period, The SCP went out and filmed a goofy little skit. The downside was that the contest required each video be no longer than 3 minutes, so we sped the entire thing up to 200%. It still worked out great! Part of the skit did actually air, and some of the hosts were sad they didn't have time to show the whole thing. It was even called 'one of the good ones', but did not win anything. Bummer.

Also, just before the very last shot where (spoiler alert) Ace dunks, the lights went out at the park and we had to use night vision. Bummer.
©2003 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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