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Currently In Development
Here are the games that have been opened and started on some level. Some take longer than others cuz ... reasons.
Animal Fury Side-scrolling platformer with mutliple level options. Blast your way through nature! Platformer / Run-and-gun / Level-based IN DEV
Due for Development
Production is now underway on several small games. The current plan is to make as many mini games as possible to throw around this website (and others). Here's what games you can expect to play.
Six Pack Man Based upon Pac Man, this classic SCP Game will be reborn again in HTML5. This would be like the 6th incarnation of this game. Top-view / Maze / Level-based IN DEV
Retro Knight: The Bridge of Snacksylvania Randomly generating platformer with a sword! Slash up random enemies and collect food that falls from the sky. Platformer / Slasher / Randomly generated  
Rusty Gear Racing Race courses for the best time. New tracks added all the time! Top view / Racing / Time Trials  
Ball Bopper A take on Bubble Bobble has Jobin fighting those pesky Shape Aliens again, this time using his ball as a weapon! Platformer / Level-based / Action NEW
The Viking Bunny's Bunny Balloons Shoot falling balloons with the correct cannonball. Collect power-ups and keep The Bunny Ship safe! Bottom-Up Shooter / Mouse-based / Wave-based  
The Viking Bunnies A unique Arcade-RPG that generates random quests. Play as 16 different characters! Top view / Adventure / Arcade / Crawler NEW
Block Block Block puzzler game with a unique twist. Block blocks of different colors but collect matching colors for points. Beware when the colors change! Puzzle game / Tetris-like  
Robot Horror Dr. Kock is trapped deep in Corporation H, and his security robots think he is evil. He'll have to blast his way out of this one! Top view / Arcade / Shooter / Crawler NEW
High Jumping Rabbits Duck Hunt, but rabbits. Lots of guns. Lots of blood. Shooter / Mouse-based / Wave-based  
Hambert's Dumb Adventure The classic app is back! Blast airplanes and all sorts of flying chaos as everyone's favorite giant, flying hamster! Shooter / Level-based / Side-scroller  
Gorpee Smash The classic puzzle game has you matching blocks and blowing things up. Puzzle / Blocks / Matching  
Bomber Tanks The classic app returns in HTML5 with more levels! Top view / Shooter / Maze  
Shopping Cart Carnage This old game has needed a remastering for a while, and now it will get it in HTML5. Boozer and Stubs stole a beer-powered shopping cart, and they are going to ride it all over Anarchy Island. Too bad it doesn't have brakes. Runner / Platformer / Racing
The Return of Retro Knight
For those that do not know, Retro Knight has been basically nuked by Apple/Google. They won't let me update the game anymore, which sucks cuz I had big plans for v6.0. As an act of rebelion, I will be making a BRAND NEW RETRO KNIGHT game in HTML5 that will work in ALL BROWERS. I don't have a ton of details, but here's what I can pass on right now.
Will it be the same game?
Mostly. It will have much of the same art, items, and styles. It will NOT have the same map. There will be a much stronger focus on sailing, and you will get a boat much earlier in the game. The world map will be far, far different.
Will it use the same save data I already have?
Again, mostly. Progress cannot be passed on, but money and items will. I will set up a system that will let you transfer the data from RK:RoGI to RK:???? once. You won't be able to send your items back. Also, your house will be nuked. Sorry. You'll be able to buy a new one.
Will the levels be the same?
Yes. I will be moving as many of the existing levels over as I can. They will be in different places on the map. Hopefully going forward, I can crank out new areas (and even new islands) at a much faster pace.
Will the map be the same?
No. Kingdomland is going to get a makeover, and the world as you know it now will change drastically.
Will the features be the same?
I hope so. My goal is to simplify the game as much as possible while still allowing for all sorts of additional options like designing your house. One of the biggest concerns I currently have is how I am going to deal with the many armors/characters you can play as. Early tests using this sort of functionality have not gone well.
When will a beta be released?
2023 is all I know. Bug me more on twitter, and maybe I can go faster.
Will it be free?
Yes. I don't need money. I just want people to play the hell out of it.
That's really all I know for now. I'm trying to learn HTML5 as fast as I can. The game will span several browser windows and be played on the website. I have no plans to make it mobile again. I'm simply too mad at Apple and Google to trust them with my baby. They're evil.
Other Giant HTML5 Games
There are a few plans to make other large HTML5 games on our websites. They will still sync up with everything in SCP Arcade and be available on this website. Here's what they look to be:

Jobin The Penguin Jobin's giant adventure will be immortalized (as best we can) on its website. The entire game will be redone in HTML5 and ported over. All save data will remain.
Dino Maker Dino Maker will require a bit more of a makeover to make the leap to HTML5. The game itself will not change, but the UI and Level Editor will need to be remixed a bit to utilize the mouse. Mario Maker in your browser? Sorta.
Robot Gardens Will this idea ever see the light of day? I don't know. Let's find out. I'll leave it here for now.
Anarchy Island Another 'this would be great to make someday' game. This would be great to make someday.
The Idea Pile
The list of future games is growing all the time! Here's more ideas we have planned.
HR Full Throttle Side-scrolling dirt-bike game
ST Robot Master Command robots to safety
BS Drunk In Public Lemmings-esque clicker game
BS Beer Juggling Juggle flying beer bottles as long as you can
BS Wanda's Slot Machine It is what it is
VB Bunny Blocks Block puzzler
VB Sardine Snatcher Fishing game for the King Crabs
VB Vacuum Buster Catch ghosts and trash with a vacuum
VB Bunny Golf Top view mini golf game
WF Waffle Flipping Block puzzler
CS Moon Buggie Top-down driving game over a landscape
CS Space Racer Top view flying / dodging game
CS UFO'd Play as a UFO abducting people
JB Jobin's Big Bounce Roll around on a ball to catch coins, but you move forward endlessly
RK River Rides Ride down a river in a barrel
Super Game Talk Video Alpha Retro Knight
The Boozer And Stubs Show Cosmic Rush
Animal Fury Gorpee Kong
Migginnty Jones Jobin On Ice
Ask Quackers Brick Doubt
Anarchy Island Erase Invaders
Living With Smiley Bad Memory
Hitmen Waffle Time
Lab Of Ingeniocity
The Viking Bunnies
Prime Time Crew
Chaos City  
Smiley Crew's Last Stand  
Smiley Crew's New Show  
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