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Noah B. Wilson put Happy Hour together in order to
create a complation series for streaming on the interwebs.

Smiley Crew's Happy Hour is an entire (TV) hour of the greatest things to come from Smiley Crew Productions! From Animal Fury to Boozer and Stubs to Lab of Ingeniocity to Anarchy Island and more, enjoy this compilation series after you've had a few drinks.

Smiley Crew's Happy Hour is a lot of things, and that's a good thing. It was meant to be an hour-long show (with commercial breaks) that could actually be used and marketed. It also served as a bit of an introductory series to all things from The SCP. In addition, the files could be used to stream over Facebook and Twitch with greater reliability, fun, and control. In the end, it is kind of a 'best of' series, but we've got a lot of stuff we think is the best! Why not use it all?
We're always streaming random stuff on Twitch.TV, so check us out!
EPISODE #1 (2020)
This first episode features a lot of first episodes! Angus takes on a large spider, Boozer and Stubs take on Park Safety, and Dr. Kockpocalipse takes on his high school prom. The Hitmen mix things up by then trying to kill Boozer The Clown! Crazy!
EPISODE #2 (2020)
Tallow Farm visit The Giving Head, Iceman gets a package, Dr. Kock buys a Time Ray, Angus fights a baby croc, Stubs teaches us about the climate in Australia, and Brick ditches Grudge and goes solo. Just another episode of Smiley Crew's Happy Hour!
EPISODE #3 (2020)
This get a bit connected as Mr. Smiley kidnaps a tourist, Johnny wants to start a cable access show, and the Hitmen decide to try and catch Mr. Smiley and claim a bounty! Plus, Top Sandwich gets started, and Tallow Farm's final episode gets bloody.
EPISODE #4 (2020)
Johnny runs out of pizza, but starts a cable access show on the side. Later, Dr. Kock gets in an email war and ends up hiring the Hitmen, Angus smacks a frog, Stubs catches a disease (again), and poor, confused Quackers has a mental breakdown.
- Starring by -
Gabe Wilson
Ryan Hancock
Max Marple
Noah B. Wilson
Logan Mitchell

- Appearances by -
Luis Martinez
Sharilyn Wilson
Drew Gaebel
Kiwi Simpson
Joey Milano

Compiled and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Everyone
©2020 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Happy Hour had a few attempts, some of them revolving around using Zoom like everyone else was during the great Coronavirus Funfest of 2020, but quality and planning and schedules just screwed all that up.

In the end, it was decided that Happy Hour would indeed be an hour (or, 44 minutes) of SCP programming using most of our old stuff and some of our new stuff as we made it. It's kind of a great way to consolidate our work in one location (or one show) and then toss it out to the masses on various platforms. It has also helped spark some new ideas as the goal has become 'let's see how many episodes we can make'! In all honestly, I think we'll get to a dozen, which is still pretty rad and more than any of the other shows we ever did (besides SGTVA, which is not included in Happy Hour and is its own thing). Plus, its fifteen minutes longer than all those other cable access shows we did in the past.

Happy Hour also appears in Twitch, Roku, and is edited to allow for commercial breaks should we manage to get it on something like Pluto TV or any other streaming service that needs breaks. TBD.

©2020 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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