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_SCP News: Gorpee Kong is here! Download today! In Development: Retro Knight 6.0, Anarchy Island, Ask Quackers_
Live from The Barcade, it's Smiley Crew's Happy Hour! Created during odd times, Smiley Crew's Happy Hour is a way to drink with your buddies and enjoy a few laughs, even if you aren't nearby! Hosted by Noah B. Wilson, expect some goofy discussions, drinking, bar banter, puppets, skits, and more drinking. After all, it is Happy Hour!
This show is currently in development. Check back for updates as to what the heck this show is actually about.
- Appearances by -
Noah B. Wilson
Max Marple
Carl Edge
Gabe Wilson
Ryan Hancock
Logan Mitchell
Jason Wendell

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Directed by Sharliyn Wilson
Written by Everyone
When the world was told to stay home, and when sports, talk shows, and all other fun things closed up shop, The SCP set out to do something about it. Using some tricky tech, a few goofy ideas, and a bar which Noah already had in his house, a method was created to do a live broadcast from The Barcade featuring members of Smiley Crew Productions, even if they are far away! Using the natural hilarity that forms among old friends, beer, puppets, and skits we created long ago, Happy Hour naturally came about in a matter of days. Now we just need that pilot episode!
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