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Arrows = Move | Space = Jump
Jobin is on ice, and rolling around on his favorite toy on a quest to catch as many coins as he can!

Top Players
This classic SCP Game has jumped from mobile to HTML5, and now you can play it right in your browser! Pixelated and enhanced with some new features, this fun and funny game will keep you coming back for more coins! Just beware of those giant Spike Balls as they too have come back for more.

• Based on the classic Mobile App
• Collect Power ups to Power Up Jobin's ball
• New Green Coins added! Catch them before they fall!
• Voiced by a real penguin!
'Jobin' Created by Noah B. Wilson
Programmed by Noah B. Wilson and Logan Mitchell
Artwork by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson and Vince Lubinsky
©2021 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Jobin the Penguin was a large iOS game I (Noah) made in 2016. It was a small success so I made another smaller game called Jobin On Ice to be added to the SCP Arcade App for some cross-promotion. Jobin On Ice is based on a really old Flash game I created way back when called 'Kock and Balls' featuring Dr. Kock doing very much the same thing Jobin is doing. Jobin On Ice proved to be so popular that I then broke it off to be its own App.

But then I stopped doing Apps altogether. When HTML5 became a thing, I knew I had to bring this game back to the masses, so here it is.

Game Updates:

3-21-21: Version 1.0 launches! The classic game returns! I have many ideas on ways to add to it or make sequels, but that's for later. For now, I just wanted the classic game up and playable.

12-30-23: Version 2.0 launches! I cleaned up the coding to make it run smoother and removed the 'in-between level' areas cuz they were dumb. The game was also updated to be used in Challenge Mode.

2-6-24: Version 2.1 adds even more speed improvements and makes a few modifications to gameplay.

©2021 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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