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Rex Miller (Dusty Gaebel) gets spit on by a guy (Ben McKenna) and chases after him on his skateboard in the very first video to carry the Smiley Crew Productions name.
Rex Miller - Dusty Gaebel
Guy - Ben McKenna

Filmed and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
c. 1999 Smiley Crew Productions
This is quite literally the first actually movie The SCP ever made, going back to September 1999. This video is so old that it was shot with an analog camera, converted to digital, and then edited in Avid Videoshoppe. Of course it would later get redited in iMovie (as seen here). Noah thought he had done another edit in Final Cut Pro 1.0, but we guess that got lost in time. This movie is so old we didn't really have audio equipment, so it was set to Less Than Jake. It's old. It's over 20 years old. I'm old. Oy.

Fun Fact: Noah still has that hat!
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