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  Smiley Crew Productions is 25 years old now. We're all old. Some of us have kids and stuff, but that doesn't mean we are going to stop making things, right? Here's some ideas we'd love to get around to. To be fair, a lot of this is Noah's wishful thinking, but never say never. After all, that's how we got to be 25 years old!  
Project Details What's The Deal?
The Viking Bunnies blasting game comes to Smiley Crew's Arcade.
This is happening and should be out in Spring 2024, not Summer. I should update that graphic...
Retro Knight: The Trials of Daily Montony Also referred to as Retro Knight 2, Grudge is back for more, and this time he is in HTML5. The game is bigger, the world is bigger, the cast is bigger, and the drinks are bigger. This will also serve as a bit of a "Smiley Crew All-Stars" game and feature more old SCP Characters. It will be an ongoing, ever growing game as new levels, quests, and content will be added monthly until the end of time.
This is happening, slowly. The game is well into development, but likely won't be available for play until Sept 2024. And even then, the game isn't actually 'done'. Some areas are still locked up. The game is GIANT, okay?
Boozer and Stubs are back and crashing into things all over Anarchy Island.
This is happening, eventually. It's on the back burner for now, but could get a release in Summer 2024.
Rex Miller just wants to skateboard and do cool tricks, but is he actually in a computer simulation, a simuation that doesn't want him to wake up? This classic "Skate Or Die" game has a weird, Matrix theme too.
This is happening, eventually. Same deal as Shopping Cart Carnage.
Six Pack Man (HTML5) Boozer and Stubs are searching the Osos Bay sewers for coins, but there's ghosts and zombies down there! I'd like for this version to get back to Pac-Man roots.
This is happening, eventually. Same deal as Shopping Cart Carnage.
Retro Knight: The Pooly Animated Series Grudge gets a show (again)! Grudge teams up with Hollywood, Brick, and Sally Workload to complete stupid tasks around Kingdomland, just like in the game!
Likely, but when? Several episodes are already written. I think the game is more important to get done, but the episodes are great.
Ask Quackers Season 2 Quackers is back for more questions from the internet.
Maybe. Production is easy, but the big issue is Twitter and gathering questions as Smiley Crew Productions has left Twitter. I guess we could fake it and just write our own.
Boozer And Stubs Season 3 Boozer and Stubs are back ... almost twenty years later. Season 2 was filmed in 2008, but there's a great joke we might use to kick off Season 3. If this happens, there will be six new episodes.
Maybe. Ryan and Gabe both sound interested, but timing and schedules (and a new camera) are going to be major factors.
Golfing With Angus Angus McGreggor has retired from the hunt, but not from golfing. In a new show, he will teach you how to be as good a golfer as he is. Being a Scottsman, he knows a lot!
Maybe. Not that likely. Noah wants to do it, but Max is a busy guy. Plus, we'd need a golf course.
We get an idea a day ... but here's the ones we actually wrote down. TBD if they ever get made.
Six Pack Man Based upon Pac Man, this classic SCP Game will be reborn again in HTML5. This would be like the 6th incarnation of this game. I'd like to take it back to the Pac-Man basics. Top-view / Maze / Level-based
Retro Knight: The Bridge of Snacksylvania Grudge gets a platformer! This randomly-generated platformer has Grudge rushing across an endless bridge catching snacks and battling monsters. How far can you go? Action / Platformer
Hambert's Dumb Adventure Hambert's classic game is back in HTML5 form. Play as the giant flying hamster and blow up all sorts of things. Side-view / Shooter
Clutch Sprocket in UFO'd Play as a UFO trying to abduct helpless humans. Clutch Sprocket is out to stop you in this take on Choplifter. Side-view / Arcade
TBD 2024
Going Viral Dr. Kock is sick and has shrunk Gorpee down inside a tiny ship to battle the virus inside him. Based on the classic game Asteroids. Top-view / Shooter
Retro Knight: River Rider Grudge sails down the river in a barrel trying to collect anything he can. Don't smash into walls, branches, or explosive mines in this take on Toobin'. Top-View
Bomber Tanks The classic App is back with more weapons, more levels, more enemies, and more explosions! Top-View
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