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This brick-bustin' ball game borrows from the classic Brick-Out game, and adds a few new surprises. Play as Dr. Kockpocalipse and smash as many bricks as you can. Defend your fortress! Smash!

The legendary Dr. Kockpocalipse is having quite a problem with bricks, and he's going to need some tough balls to take care of them. In this mash-up of classic arcade games, use a ball to smash bricks as they slowly advance downward. Score massive combos and use power-ups like Bombs, Light Sticks, the Fire Ball, and the Blue Ball to smash those bricks to pieces. Voice acted by Dr. Kockpocalipse himself, this game isn't only full of classic arcade action, but also pretty funny to boot.

- Includes Classic Mode
- Compete against others on the Top Scores list.
- Join your State Team and compete against other states in the U.S.
- Uses Dr. Kockpocalipse's Motion-Sense tracking, whatever that is.
- Collect SCP Coins to be used in other SCP Games!
A pretty simple game I (Noah) just wanted to make. Was so cool, that I made another! Brick Doubt is also featured in a more 'horizontal' fashion in SCP Arcade. This was one of my most popular smaller games, for sure! Enjoy!
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