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Anarchy Island is where almost every show takes place,
so we tried to make a cartoon about it, several times.

Anarchy Island is the place where everything happens, so why not make a show about everything happening? This series highlights some of the random moments around Anarchy Island.

What takes place during the day-to-day chaos of Anarchy Island? It's impossible to capture everything, but Anarchy Island tries. Combining all the old cartoon series into one 'quickie' series of shorts, Anarchy Island borrows from Lab of Ingeniocity, Living With Smiley, History Tutor, and even Hitmen, Boozer and Stubs, and Animal Fury. From Dr. Kockpocalipse's madness to Johnny Thunderpants's drunken ramblings to Boozer and Stubs and Mr. Smiley and Hollywood and so much more, you never know what could happen on Anarchy Island. It is anarchy. It is hell. It is hilarious.
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Dr. Kockpocalipse is looking for something ... or someone ... somehow.
Johnny has a very interesting story to tell, but do you really want to hear it?
#103 - DISTANT FUTURE (2012)
Dr. Kockpocalipse goes to the future and comes back with a dire warning.
#104 - BLACK HOLE FUN (2013)
Jester tells Hollywood how he lost his virginity.
Dr. Kockpocalipse wants a slice of Chicken Banana Pizza. Why?
Mr. Smiley kidnaps a tourist and Hollywood has to deal with it.
Dr. Kockpocalipse - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Moorhead - Noah B. Wilson
Hollywood Havoc - Noah B. Wilson
Johnny Thunderpants - Noah B. Wilson
Boozer The Clown - Gabe Wilson
Hobbo Stubs - Ryan Hancock
Jester Cobblepot - CJ Goodwin
MBC Executive - Noah B. Wilson
Tourist - Noah B. Wilson

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Animated by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by The Started Its
©2012 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
There were several iterations of 'Anarchy Island'. First, there was Tales From Chaos City, which actually made it for three episodes. The episodes were also much longer, but the animation was far worse. Plus, Noah got hung up on trying to do too many jokes that were sadly a bit 'inside'. On top of that, we hadn't got to the better characters yet. Dr. Kock was still figuring things out. Johnny barely shows up. Iceman isn't Logan yet. The Hitmen were not used. Angus makes a very quick appearance. Etc. Etc. Etc. However, Tales From Chaos City did bring us a great Stargate and Ghostbusters 2 / Lord of the Rings mash-up, and that is surely worth noting.

There was one episode of straight up 'Anarchy Island' that was also produced, and it was a bit closer to what Noah had hoped for Tales From Chaos City. The characters are correct. The animation is better. The jokes land better. It's just better. But animating cartoons takes a lot of time, so no second episode was made. Before Anarchy Island was totally canned, a shorter series called 'Anarchy Island Shots' was created as an attempt to keep the show going while still only use a full day to make a new cartoon. These 30-second 'Shots' were fun, funny, and fun to make.

Tales From Chaos City #1: The Prophecy (2005)
I think this might have been the first cartoon made by Smiley Crew Productions. If it's not, it is surely one of the first. A meteor is headed for Chaos City, and Billy Bob Thorton (Joey Milano) is asked to help!
Tales From Chaos City #2: The Fury Gate (2005)
In a direct follow up to Episode #1, Dr. Kock and Hollywood go to investigate the crash site while Kurt Russell (Max Marple) and James Spader (Joey Milano) get wise to their plans.
Tales From Chaos City #3: Lord of the Museum (2005)
This episode is legend. The best for sure. The ghost of Viggo Mortensen (Noah B. Wilson) haunts the local museum, and things get weird fast. This is also the first appearance of Johnny Thunderpants!
Anarchy Island #1: Residential Evil (2011)
With better animation, almost every SCP character, and a few more years of experience, 'Tales From Chaos City' became Anarchy Island! Yet ... this was the only episode that was made. Bummer, cuz it ends on a cliffhanger. Sorry about that. This also randomly has a video by Meatball Sub at the end, who later became Murder Bear. Don't ask.
©2012 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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