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Created by Max Marple and Luis Martinez in 2000,
Animal Fury is one of the SCP's earliest treasures.

Nature is a horrible beast that is hellbent on destroying mankind and will succeed unless everyone's favorite Scottsman destroys it first. Having bested the best nature had to offer, Angus McGreggor and his trusty camera man Charlie Peacock head off to Anarchy Island where the most exotic and dangerous beasts lay in wait, testing the might of the mighty man who lives off chicken and pints.

Tis a well known fact that Angus McGreggor is the world's greatest hunter; people know it, the authorities know it, dogs know it, but more importantly: nature knows it. Angus McGreggor and Charlie Peacock did indeed go through some trails in their adventures, from diving into the muck to chase down the escaped Alabama Black Snake (their first adventure filmed in 2000) to their war with the Near-Naked Indian to their quest to find the Abominbal Land Man. Angus McGreggor and Charlie bested the Dry-Leaf Croc, played baseball with the Green Sea Frog, and even ventured into a cave full of Albino Vampire Bats. There is no animal to dangerous, sinister, or cute that stands in the way of Angus and Charlie, and now you can enjoy all of their amazing adventures!
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101 - THE HIKE (2008)
As part of his first trip across Anarchy Island, Angus McGreggor goes through a walk through Vespa Canyon. What will he find? What new animals does this land have to offer? Does he have enough ammo?
Ready to throw down, Angus and Charlie go after a powerful spider. But when Charlie can't take it, Angus realizes he has to go after the beast alone! Will Angus win the day, or is this his final hunt? Can you guess?
103 - THE DRY LEAF CROC (2008)
After a night out, Angus goes into Vespa Canyon in search of The Dry Leaf Croc. It's going to take a bit more than his mere pistol to take down this legendary beast, a beast which has plagued the natives for centuries.
104 - THE GREEN SEA FROG (2008)
It's off to the beach for Angus and Charlie as they go after a rare salt-water frog! Angus has some fond memories of the Green Sea Frog and can't wait to share one of his favorite pasttimes. He just has to find one...
Up on Black Hill is a secret cave full of Albino Vampire Bats! Showing no fear, Angus and Charlie head up the mountain and into the cave, eager to see what few have survived to see. It's totally a secret cave, okay?
Nature isn't all bad, and The Tinkerbell Snake is proof that some parts of nature are cuddly and friendly. But that doesn't mean Angus isn't going to totally kill one when he finds one. It's off to the sand dunes!
202 - THE MIND WASP (2009)
The legendary Mind Wasp is a scary beast to say the least. Not only is this big giant, but it has mind control powers! Can Angus and Charlie catch one of these creatures ... or will they become slaves to its power?
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  Angus and Charlie have appeared in a few games. You may have to unlock them, though.  
Angus McGreggor - Max Marple
Charlie Peacock - Luis Martinez
Anita Obgyn - Marci Calvillo
Sac - Dusty Gaebel
Near-Naked Indian - Anthony Martinez

Created by Max Marple and Luis Martinez
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Max Marple and Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2000 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Animal Fury was a comedy skit created in 2000 by Max Marple (Angus McGreggor) and Luis Martinez (Charlie Peacock), an era before the advent of YouTube. Thankfully for Max, Luis, and producer Noah Wilson, cable access came to their neck of the woods in SLO County, CA, prodiving a place to air their creation to the world, or at least the roughly 100,000 people who got the channel. Yet being that they were barely out of high school and had 'life' to deal with, only a few episodes were made, some sadly without Luis Martinez at Max's side. The show was still quite popular, and the locations in SLO County provided a great number of scenic sites: sandy dunes, thick trees, and the occasional city park. Max, Luis, and Noah made the best of their locations and their humor, creating a show that was part Crocodile Hunter, part Reno 911.

Then, in 2008, Max Marple and Noah Wilson brought the old show back from the dead, reviving it with a few new gimicks (pretending Charlie Peacock was the camera man) and some new talents (they both had just finished film school). Schedules still worked against them, so the two shot 5 episodes of Animal Fury all in one long, yet hilarious day. The team would follow up a year later with two more episodes, but suffice to say, they had missed the YouTube train. Nevertheless, the shows and characters live on. Angus has found his way into some cartoons and mobile games, and is even a playable character in Retro Knight (complete with voice acting)! Animal Fury lives on in the hearts of children and dogs.

If you want to see the real, real old episodes of Animal Fury, be sure to watch New Show or Prime Time Crew.

New Show #102 - The Alabama Black Snake (2000)
The first Animal Fury ever. We kinda just made it up as we went along. Max and Luis go for a swim to catch a snake.
New Show #104 - Charlie Is Missing (2000)
Things run into trouble fast when Luis is kidnapped by a Near Naked Indian. (Luis actually joined the Marines, so we had to write him out for a bit.)
The Markimacamala (2001)
Angus goes in search of the Markimacamala, a legendary lizard, without the help of Charlie. Then who is his cameraman?
Prime Time Crew #3 - The Red Crab (2001)
This episode of Prime Time Crew contains the Red Crab episode where Angus gets lost in the desert and sees Charlie.
The Tiger Snake (2001)
Contest winner Anita Obgyn (we're so funny) helps Angus as Charlie remains missing.
New Show #204 - Angus Sings (2001)
Angus sings about his feelings now that Charlie is gone forever.
The Green Frog (2001)
The legendary episode where Luis almost shoves his hand through a knife without even noticing it. No big deal, right?
Prime Time Crew #5 - The Land Man (2002)
This episode of Prime Time Crew contains the epic Land Man episode of Animal Fury. It clocked in at about twenty minutes long and features Dusty Gaebel and Marci Calvillo as well.
©2000 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
  More Angus? More Max Marple? Yes! We have it!  
Bloopers (2008)
Max tries to keep his accent going through tons of bloopers and outtakes from Animal Fury.
Max Marple is Christopher Walken (2008)
Max does his best Christopher Walken.
Animal Fury: Road Killer Demo (2015)
This game was part of SCP Arcade when it was on iOS, but sadly no longer exists. Maybe it will return in HTML5.
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