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The Viking Bunnies are the best thing that just never got
rolling. Watch and you'll see why the Bunnies are great!

Behold the Viking Bunnies! Steve, Thora, Lars, and Captain Fuzzy set sail for adventure in The Wild Sea in search of gold, adventure, new discoveries, and all sorts of tasty foods! These colorful characters along with their equally lovable friends will surely win you over as one of the best cartoons to come from Smiley Crew Productions! Check out their early adventures in kids books!

The world of The Wild Sea is divided, leaving the various animal tribes locked into what has become known as The Animal Kingdoms. The Pirate Pigs have conquered Bacon Bay. The Miner Moles live in Mount Molehill. The King Crabs and The Ninja Hamsters have staked claim to Tidewater Island and Woodshavings Island respectively. The Party Penguins have taken the frozen north and the Medieval Chickens have roosted in their own valley. Leave it to four Farm Bunnies to mess the whole thing up, cross into the other kingdoms, and stir up mischief.

Not wanting to simply be a boring Farm Bunny and work the land, a little bunny named Fuzzy conspired with his friends Steve and Lars to become something more. Fuzzy longed for treasures and to become a legend. Lars was a top-notch athlete and also found the farm life dull. Steve had eaten enough carrots and lettuce to bore him to death and he longed for more tasty snacks. Thankfully they all knew a very smart bunny named Thora who had also diverged from the Farm Bunny path for she longed to explore and learn all she could about science and the natural world. Realizing they had no desire to stay, the four of them built a boat and planned to leave their safe pasture, believing themselves to be destined for something more. Declaring himself captain despite Thora being the one who actually built what they now called The Bunny Ship, Fuzzy decided that the tile of Farm Bunnies was not going to work any longer.

Without taking a vote for he was now Captain Fuzzy, these four bunnies became The Viking Bunnies.

Together, Steve, Lars, Thora, and Captain Fuzzy set out for treasure, adventure, discoveries, and delicacies, each bunny seeking their own prize out on The Wild Sea. Hardly able to get along, yet each beneficial to the team in their own right, The Viking Bunnies quickly realized that not all the animals outside of their safe village were going to be friendly. Sure, The King Crabs were very friendly and The Miner Moles were a very peaceful race, but The Pirate Pigs and The Ninja Hamsters? Maybe The Viking Bunnies were not ready for all the adventures they would discover. Stirring up trouble wherever they went, it didn't take long for word of The Viking Bunnies to reach the ears of the lord of The Wild Sea, the wicked and ruthless King Hamondorf: Rules of The Pirate Pigs. The Viking Bunnies should probably keep both ears up and both eyes on the horizon.

Yet still seeking their treasures, their adventure, their discoveries, and their delicacies, The Viking Bunnies would still sail onward, ready for anything that might come their way as they sought to become something more: legends.
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King Ivan asks Captain Fuzzy to recover a forgotten treasure on Butterstuff Island, and he is more than happy to do so as long as he gets a share of the treasure. Meanwhile, Thora and Lars try to figure out internet marketing.
Captain Fuzzy - Noah B. Wilson
Lars - Noah B. Wilson
Thora - Sharilyn Wilson
Steve - Noah B. Wilson
Senor Spider - Noah B. Wilson
King Ivan - Noah B. Wilson
King Bill - Max Marple
Claws McCatterson - Noah B. Wilson

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Animated by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2011 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Notably, the Viking Bunnies is basically the project that I can't really get rolling. I love the Bunnies. I love their world. I love their friends. I love their voices. I love the art. Maybe that's why I can't get them going. they deserve something I simply cannot offer them: success. These guys have gone through so many iterations that it's hard to pin down all the things they have done (or where the focus should be). They started as children's books, then apps, then a more grown-up cartoon, and then well ... nothing much since the first episode.

It has dawned on me as of recently (2019) that the Viking Bunnies deserve something that I have not given to any other project within the SCP's umbrella: a feature-length movie. I have a strong outline. I have the talent within the SCP ranks. I have the ability on my computer to get the job done, so I should do it. Will it be in theaters? No, well, at least not nationally. I might try and get it in one or two local ones for kicks. What about Netflix? Not planning on it. I'm probably just gonna plop it on Youtube ad free and give it to the world.

Now, if I could just get it started...
©2011 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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