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What happens when you make sandwiches compete in a
variety of reality shows? You get this, and it is glorious.

Who will be America's Next Top Sandwich? In this spoof of almost every major reality/game show, we put the sandwiches to the test to see who is the best. And we're not talking about taste or anything like that. These sandwiches will have to think, create, fight, and dig(?) if they want to prove their worth!

In one of the oddest hits to come from SCP, America's Next Top Sandwich is a epic display of improv, puppetry, and madness! Filmed on location in someone's kitchen, Top Sandwich is six episodes which each parody a famed reality show at the time, offering us a chance to dig in and do all the commentary we could ever want. From the vulgar PB&J, the small town Turkey, the hippie Veggie, the tough-guy Steak, and the oddball that is Meatball Sub, America's Next Top Sandwich even gained a little bit of momentum on Youtube for a bit, which was a bit of a surprise. Now you can relive all six episodes, plus the glorious outtakes reel that came about after hours and hours of wacky improv.
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101 - MODEL SAMMIES (2007)
BLT greets the contestants and puts them to work making their own packaging which they will also have to model. Meatball Sub takes a different approach, and PB & J eyes up some victims.
The next episode puts all the sandwiches against each other in street fights, which turns out to be something Meatball Sub has been waiting for. Can Veggie get over her pacifism and come out with a win?
103 - SAMMIE QUIZ (2007)
Sure these sandwiches can model and fight, but are they smart. BLT has put together a quiz show, and its up to all the sandwiches to answer correctly ... or risk elimination!
104 - HOLA QUESADILLA (2007)
Ready to put the sandwiches to work, BLT takes the remaining sandwiches to Mexico where they meet the Quesadilla. Eager to test their might, the Quesadilla puts them to work digging ... tunnels?
105 - SAMMIE IDOLS (2007)
Down to just three sandwiches, its time to ... sing! The remaining sandwiches just both write and sing a song to impress the judges. Meatball Sub's song had to be cut down for time.
106 - GRANDE FINALE (2007)
There's only two left! Who will be America's Next Top Sandwich! Enjoy a montage of the remaining two contestants greatest moments before they must go through the final test.
Meatball Sub - Noah B. Wilson
PB & J - Joey Milano
Bologna - Joey Milano
Veggie - Kiwi Simpson
Steak - Noah B. Wilson
French Tea - Kiwi Simpson
Quesadilla - Tony Torres
Hot Dog - Noah B. Wilson
Chream Cheese Tea - Kiwi Simpson
Hot Dog - Kiwi Simpson
Grilled Cheese - Noah B. Wilson

Directed by Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Joey Milano, Kiwi Simpson, and Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2007 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
America's Next Top Sandwich was filmed over the course of two days using real food, which actually led to a lot of the decisions as to who was going to last, and who was going to get elimated. While there is no denying the greatness of Kiwi as Veggie, Joey as PB & J and Bologna, and Tony as the Quesadillas, the one thing that really came out of America's Next Top Sandwhich was Noah's Meatball Sub. If you've watched the show and heard the voice, you might think it sounds a lot like Murder Bear. It does, cuz it is Murder Bear. This was the birth of the Murder Bear voice and character, and while Noah did try to carry on Meatball Sub into his own show, it soon became clear it was just a tough thing to do.

So when Murder Bear from Happy Wacky Tallow Farm needed a new voice, Noah turned to his unused Meatball Sub character and merged their fictional souls. Now, we have Murder Bear, and he is glorious.

Yes, that's why Quackers smashed Murder Bear with a Meatball Sub. Inside joke? Meh. Not if you're paying attention. Makes total sense to us.

©2007 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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