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In 2002, we returned with a plan, and that plan was to
put Max and Luis in front of the camera and wait.

Prime Time Crew is legendary for being so great and so stupid at the same time. This was what happens when you let Max Marple and Luis Martinez co-host a show that is part talk show, part skit show, and then never question why they wear sunglasses so much. Prime Time Crew will forever live in SCP history as a true example of why we were all ahead of our time.

When we discovered we could lease out some studio time at the local TV Station free of charge, ideas brewed and finally developed into Prime Time Crew: a Max Marple/Luis Martinez weekly variety show that featured Max and Luis just being Max and Luis, and that was clearly more than we ever expected. Throw it a really stupid plot that Noah B. Wilson came up with for unknown reasons, and you get six episodes that could not be missed. Matt Taverner fought Luis on stage. Dusty Gaebel broke twigs for a living, Mr. Smiley showed up, there was something about a 'Book of Bag', and hats for all! Crew members got to sometimes play themselves, sometimes play wacky characters, and often get in the mix just by shouting things from our studio audience of whoever happened to be around that day. Sometimes awkward, sometimes weird, often hilarious, Prime Time Crew was so great that it would eventually be copied by the famous podcast Comedy Bang Bang (not really, but the similiarities are kinda close).

(I mean, it's basically a comedy team / friends doing a talk show, sometimes they get real people on the show, and then sometimes they play goofy characters to interview. Then they do a few skits occastionally. How do you not see the similarities? Ug. It's obvious.)
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The first episode shows the mysterious Bag Face, and he claims he has a copy of the Live Show which Noah would rather forget. Max and Luis read from the book of bag, and meet/harass two new SCP members.
Timmy Banjo is invited in for an interview, and things don't go well as Timmy Banjo does not seem to be interested in taking crap from Max and Luis. Plus Boozer the Clown has a rough meeting with a small rabbit in the forest.
The PTC gang hire some security to keep Bag Face away. Luis has an interesting theory about farts, Ducky Gaebel talks about how he made billions, and Angus McGreggor gets lost in the desert. Seems like just another day.
This is a true story: Noah agreed to let some high school friends air their 'movie' on Prime Time Crew. Does he regret it? You'll have to ask him. Ducky Gaebel returns to help the guys out with their hats.
Bag Face is going to air the Live Show, and the gang at PTC are 'worried'. But Bag Face has to wait because Max and Luis get to air the epic Land Man episode of Animal Fury. Some say this episode of PTC is the best yet, and they are right.
The final episode of PTC is not one to be missed. Bag Face has his ultimatum, Angus goes after a giant lizard, Noah interviews a Puppet Wrangler, and Max shows off his exceptional style ... and moustache.
Max Marple - Himself
Luis Martinez - Himself
Matt Taverner - Himself / Bag Face / Timmy Banjo
Dusty Gaebel - Billionaire Twig Picker Ducky Gaebel / Hat Wrangler
Noah B. Wilson - Himself
Chezare Autrey - Propmaster

Created by Max Marple, Luis Martinez, Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Max Marple, Luis Martinez, Noah B. Wilson
©2002 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
There really isn't much to say about Prime Time Crew that hasn't already been said above. Noah had this idea in his head that people actually paid attention to this stupid plots and backstories he developed whereas Max and Luis just needed the camera pointed at them and something to talk about. The live show mentioned in the six-episode series did actually happen and was pretty much a disaster (Noah will openly claim it was mostly cuz of the idiots at cable access who wouldn't let him run the control board, and it's true). We honestly can't remember what was on the live show because most of us want to block it out. Thankfully, it only aired once. Maybe Max has a copy, but we hope he burned it.

Bag Face actually would go on to appear in an old/lost version of Noah's browser game Adventures In Chaos City as a villain and a pest. He wore a bag and threw oranges. He was a mini-boss.

It is also important to note that Chezare Autrey gets full credit for bringing Mr. Smiley to life. We don't know how he did it, but that's Che behind Max and Luis in a few episodes messing around with props under the desk.

©2002 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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