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In 2001, Smiley Crew Productions debuted on cable access.
It was indeed a learning experience that none of us regret.

The first Cable Access show to come from Smiley Crew Productions! This thing is old. Older than Youtube. Much older than Facebook. Really old. Most of the skits and shows within New Show were not shot to be on television and in fact were just goofy videos made before Cable Access was a thing. Behold the early years of The SCP. (It's also the ONLY show to win an award!)

New Show was nothing more than a culmination of short skits and films made during high school (and a few years after). It is a collection of stupidity from Noah, Max, Luis, Dusty, Matt, and others. The videos contained within can't even be called 'student films' because none of us were film students. Noah just got a camera and Final Cut Pro and didn't really know how to use either, but he was on the warpath to figure it out. Noah would drag Max, Luis, Matt, Dusty, Che, Ben, Anthony, Eric, and others out on the weekends and they would make up stupid things to do. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. The best of those things that made it ended up on New Show in 2001 and later New Show 2 in 2002. The things that didn't make New Show? Well, we think its best they just stay away from the viewing public.
We're always streaming random stuff on Twitch.TV, so check us out!
EPISODE #101 (2001)
The first episode to ever air on Public Access features a non-Smiley Crew Production of D-Day (the literal first thing ever filmed), as well as the famous Dune Jumping episode of The Duss N Tony Show, Betty the Plastic Princess, No Parking, and Police Beat.
EPISODE #102 (2001)
It's the first episode of Animal Fury ever, the first thing ever filled: Rex Miller, and Duss N Tony launch potatoes as well. There's also some random adventures in a grocery store which no one seems to remember actually filming.
EPISODE #103 (2001)
Matt Taverner gets lost in a slide, Duss N Tony learn how to flip quarters like a pro, Action Jackson News 22 are tracking a hurricane, and the road trip gang honestly think some cute girls are following them. Doubtful.
EPISODE #104 (2001)
Angus McGreggor has sad news: Charlie Peacock was attacked, Chezare breaks Noah's neck, and Rex Miller 2: He Is The One airs. Also the road trip gang reflect on their adventure as Noah doesn't pay any attention to where he is driving.
EPISODE #201 (2001)
The Angry Man complains, Angus McGreggor looks for a giant lizard, the Police Beat guys go looking for a pet rat, and the Action Jackson News 22 team are also quite interested in the lost rat ... as well as what Angus was up to. It's almost connected!
EPISODE #202 (2001)
Eric gets waken up, Duss N Tony climb trees, Angus goes after a crab, Boozer the Clown makes his first attempt at getting his show back, and Chezare and Noah make a Renegades cartoon! Noah and Chezare also make this weird interview skit thing.
EPISODE #203 (2001)
Matt gets hunted in Private Stevie, The Angry Man comes back for more anger, Angus looks for a new partner, Boozer seems to have a kitchen, Action Jackson News 22 wonders were Charlie Peacock is as well, and Ponch Sanchez gets a cat on Police Beat.
EPISODE #204 (2001)
Noah vows to bring Charlie Peacock back, but Angus does Animal Fury with someone else, Ponch and Jack find the Near Naked Indian, Action Jackson News 22 has some troubles with hosting, and Angus McGreggor decides to sing his feelings.
EPISODE #205 - Best Of (2001)
We made a Best Of New Show episode to submit to the Hometown Video Festival, and it won an 'Honorable Mention'. We even got a little trophy. That's neat! Check out the 'Bonus Episode' of New Show.
- Appearances by -
Noah B. Wilson
Max Marple
Luis Martinez
Dusty Gaebel
Matt Taverner
Anthony Martinez
Chezare Autrey
Eric Maple
Liz Wilt
Gabe Wilson
Ben McKenna

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Everyone
©2001 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
As I, Noah B. Wilson, upload these videos to the internet, I am filled with nostaglic happiness and disappointment. What's up with those graphics? Why didn't I make something better? Where's the transitions? Why does it say 'Edited by Mr. Unstoppable'? Should this go online in this mega-PC era? Is there something really bad on here?

I hope not. I didn't really watch them again. I lived them.

Nevertheless, this is the history of The SCP, so it must go online. This is The Duss N Tony Show, Rex Miller, Eric and his Blow-Up Doll movie thing, Action Jackson News 22, and the first sightings of Animal Fury, Boozer The Clown. Holy crap, the D-Day movie is on here (a video Matt and Ben had to make for their history class back in 1998). New Show was the first attempt to just 'make something'. Before Youtube. Before Facebook. Before Tictok or whatever the hell the kids use these days ... there was New Show.

New Show even won an 'Honorable Mention' at the Hometown Video Festival in 2002, a nationwide award show for cable access shows! Rad!

©2001 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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