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In 2012, Ryan Hancock proved to be more than just
a hobo as he created the now legendary Migginnty Jones.

Migginnty Jones is the worst lawyer money can buy! Check out this collection of commercials created to help Migginnty Jones get some work ... any work ... seriously. Clearly he'll do anything.

Migginnty Jones is totally a real lawyer, we swear. He even has an office, or at least he says he has an office. None of us have actually seen it. Eager to get some kind of work after a string of what seems to be legal troubles of his own, Migginnty Jones released a series of ads hoping someone will call. So why don't you give Migginnty Jones a call! If you need a lawyer, or maybe wanna talk do your dead relatives, call today!

No hablas es Germano.
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Migginnty Jones can't find the liquor store. Can you help him?
Apparently Migginnty Jones is also Dr. Migginnty Jones. This is new.
Do you have more parking tickets than Migginnty Jones? That's a lot.
LOST DOG (2013)
Migginnty Jones found a lost dog. Well, we think he 'found' it. He might have stolen it.
WHO IS (2020)
Who is Migginnty Jones? Let him tell you in his own words. I think he might be able to explain it.
Migginnty Jones is now offering free BBQ Sandwiches when you hire him to be your lawyer!
Migginnty Jones has a library card, and maybe some cheese as well.
Migginnty Jones - Ryan Hancock
Voice - Noah B. Wilson

Created by Ryan Hancock and Noah B. Wilson
Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Ryan Hancock and Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2012 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Noah Wilson and Ryan Hancock were bored on a St. Patrick's Day afternoon and decided to go down the street and shoot a few videos. Maybe they were drunk. They were probably drunk. There is a strong possibility that they were drunk and waiting for more parties later that evening. In any case, we did get these four gems showcasing Migginnty Jones's fabulous work ethic and many talents.

We would later sync back up and shoot some more Migginnty Jones spots, but the footage became lost or something, or life got in the way, and the videos were not put together until several years later. There's always new Migginnty Jones ideas because, for whatever reason, he is still alive.
©2012 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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