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Iceman and Mr. Smiley drive Hollywood nuts
in this silly, weird, and random five-part mini-series.

Living with a homicidal puppet named Mr. Smiley can be tough, especially when that little puppet has a sidekick named Iceman who is as annoying as he is stupid. These are the trails set forth upon Hollywood Havoc, and otherwise mild-mannered citizen of Anarchy Island who has to deal with his annoying roommate and his fuzzy, legless friend.

This five-part mini series is chaos, and sadly, Hollywood Havoc is in the center, featuring a slew of guest stars like Johnny Thunderpants, Dr. Moorhead, Dr. Kockpocalipse, and even the hitmen Brick and Grudge, Living With Smiley puts the homicidal mascot of Smiley Crew Productions front and center as he and Iceman come up with scheme after scheme to making $50,000. Why do they need this money? What are they planning to buy? What stupid ideas will they come up with in order to get that money? Who will be left in their path of mindless destruction? It is Anarchy Island, so expect absolute chaos.
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101 - SMILEY'S ROAST (2007)
Mr. Smiley gets an idea to host a BBQ in the backyard after he and Iceman steal a pig. Where did they get the pig? Where are they going to grill it? Is their backyard big enough to fit all of Osos Bay? Some adjustments will have to be made.
102 - SMILEY'S MAIL (2007)
A package has arrived, and Mr. Smiley and Iceman could not be happier. However, this isn't just a package: it's a crate full of rockets! Why did Iceman and Smiley order rockets? Who cares?! Get the chainsaw!
103 - SMILEY'S PIZZA (2007)
Smiley and Iceman decide to open a pizza parlor in the kitchen, which doesn't really jive well with local pizza god Johnny Thunderpants, especially after they steal the name of his parlor and change his ads.
104 - SMILEY'S HIT (2007)
After watching the movie Smokin' Aces (dated much?), Smiley and Iceman decide to become hitmen. But who are they going to kill? And who is going to pay them to kill? Aren't there already hitmen in Osos Bay?
105 - SMILEY'S SCORE (2007)
Teaming up with Johnny Thunderpants might actually pay off as Iceman and Smiley invent explosive pizza! Now they just have to find someone willing to buy pizza that might blow up when they eat it. Any takers?
Iceman - Logan Mitchell
Hollywood - Noah B. Wilson
Johnny Thunderpants - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Moorhead - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Kockpocalipse - Noah B. Wilson
Wired Nut - Joey Milano

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Animated by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2007 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Living With Smiley was both Noah and Logan's attempt to make their own Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was a cartoon that was meant to just be crazy as hell and focus on an otherwise normal household that also happened to be the home of monsters (Iceman counts as a monster). Pushing the randomness further than before, we got to see a rebooted Iceman now voiced by Logan doing a very good Master Shake impersonation without making it too much of a rip off. We also got to see Mr. Smiley get more screen time that just a stupid cameo. All and all, this is one of the best cartoon series to come out of 'the era of cartoons' by Smiley Crew Productions (2004-2008).

There were even minor attempts to recapture the glory of Living With Smiley as seen in a few Anarchy Island Shots. While Iceman doesn't appear and is semi-replaced by Jester Cobblepot (Jester was supposed to join the cast if we did a Season 2 of Living With Smiley), we do get to see Hollywood still dealing with annoying roomates, including Mr. Smiley. There's always a chance for more! I mean ... why not?

©2007 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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