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In 2003, we hit cable access with our longest
running show and our biggest cast. Tons of nostalgia here.

Smiley Crew's longest running variety show rocked San Luis Obispo County in 2003 with 10 Episodes of both new and old! Taking a large step forward in production (yet still not having gone to any kind of film school or formal professional education), The SCP punched their way onto the airwaves by introducing a ton of new skits like Domiciles, Poop Shoot, WeGotYourBack.com, and Disheveled. Prepare yourself for a crazy-good and good-crazy time.

Smiley Crew's Last Stand is Smiley Crew's New Show v2.0. It's tighter, cleaner, a bit quicker, and has a larger cast of actors throwing their ideas into the mix. This also featured a group of buddies who were much more comfortable in front of the camera and knew what to expect from their audience. Granted, most of them were still too young to drink, but that didn't mean they couldn't figure out television, or at least sorta figure it out. So check out some more of the classic days of The SCP. It's a great sample of a group of friends having fun somewhere between high school and college.

(Sadly, only 9.5 episodes stood the test of time.)
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EPISODE #101 (2003)
A classic Animal Fury starts things off, The Ruddiger Smithson 'Suckas' a sandwich shop, then tours a place we are sure is not his house on Domiciles, Dusty makes 'The Middle' music video, Boozer is back in the kitchen, and CJ thinks Noah is a jerk.
EPISODE #102 (2003)
The Ruddiger Smithson trains Rockkyz, Prime Time Crew and Duss N Tony Show classics, and the gang from WeGotYourback.com help a guy with some peanut butter issues. Also, CJ may or may not be in league with the devil. It remains to be proven.
EPISODE #103 (2003)
Action Jackson 2 visits the local farmer's market for reasons, Angus and Charlie go after The Magical Green Frog, Mr. Smiley gets a music video, and The Ruddiger Smithson puts Matt in the Toys for Tots bin.
EPISODE #104 (2003)
The Renegades cartoon appears, Dusty wins the insult contest, Eric, Noah, and The Ruddiger Smithson go to Mardi Gras (it's pretty nuts), WeGotYourBack.com help a man on a skateboard while fighting WeGotYourFront.net, and Mock Band Disheveled rocks.
EPISODE #105 (2003)
Dusty's two solo movies No Parking and The Very Next Day air, as does the legendary Rex Miller 2: He Is The One. There's a Trailer for Rex Miller 3, but we never made the movie. Sorry. Disheveled comes back for another song.
EPISODE #106 (2003)
The gang fakes going to Hawaii, The Ruddiger Smithson shows off another one of his pads on Domiciles, Action Jackson 2 investigates a man with a Rolo addiction, Boozer the Clown meets Hobbo Stubs (it's happening!), and Duss N Tony jump dunes.
EPISODE #107 (2003)
Sucka is back, Angus hunts a Red Crab, The Ruddiger Smithson is back showing off yet another one of his many pads on Domiciles, Action Jackson 2 tells the story of a down-on-his-luck puppet, and the trailer for The Risk Taker promisses greatness.
EPISODE #108 (2003)
Night Vice premieres and the gang tangle with a Ramen dealer, The Risk Taker premieres and delivers on greatness. Sadly, due to the length of The Risk Taker (twenty minutes), this is really the main focus of this episode.
EPISODE #109 (2003)
The Ruddiger Smithson is replaced by another Rudy, Boozer and Stubs hang out, Angus gets a new partner, Solved Mysteries investigates a lost hat, and Disheveled rocks out. This episode was actually part of an 'ABC Family' TV show. No joke.
EPISODE #110 (2003)
Sadly, most of this episode was lost to damage. It's literally a lost episode. However, a few Suckas were salvaged, as well as the last solo-episode of Boozer The Clown before Hobbo Stubs became a regluar fixture.
- Appearances by -
Noah B. Wilson
Max Marple
Dusty Gaebel
CJ Goodwin
The Ruddiger Smithson
Logan Mitchell
Gabe Wilson
Ryan Hancock
Anthony Martinez
Marci Calvillo
Matt Taverner
Chezare Autrey
Eric Maple
Luis Martinez
Shane Kumalac

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Various
Written by Everyone
©2003 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Noah B. Wilson here again to write about my thoughts on Smiley Crew's Last Stand. I remember it as a grumpy time, but also a fun time. I was going to a community college, taking a light load, and making a crapton of videos with whoever had time to do so. I also was getting better at Final Cut Pro, but I still had not met Adobe Flash yet (or at this time, Macromedia Flash). This was when a ton of random ideas just starting popping up from some of the new faces, including the odd idea that I grow facial hair. Sorry about that. This was probably the most creative time for everyone, and indeed a Last Stand of sorts before we all sorta went our separate ways: school, kids, jobs, whatever. Stealing the Q/A segment from Prime Time Crew, Poopshoot really became a 'live sample' of just a bunch of friends hanging out and being silly. Talk about nostalgic.

Maybe calling it Last Stand was the right idea. Granted, I'm still making things and trying to see who else wants to, but this was a time when our numbers were climbing, our ideas were growing (even the bad ones), and nothing felt impossible. This was indeed a bit of a Last Stand, or maybe a Last Hurrah.

PS: There also appears to be a few shows listed in the opening credits that we never actually ended up making. See how optimistic we were?

©2003 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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