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Ready to get taken to school? Johnny Thunderpants may not care much for school, books, or learning, but he sure knows history (or at least he thinks he does)! Join Johnny on his quest to start his own cable access show in Osos Bay with the help of Franco, Hollywood, and many more special guests! This show was actually used in the classroom! No joke!

'History Tutor' was a cable access show Johnny Thunderpants decided to start after realizing his employee Franco was having trouble passing his history class. The owner of Punk Rock Pizza and famed roadie for too many famous bands to count, Johnny knows history, and he is going to help Franco weather Franco wants his help or not. Featuring guest appearances by the Hitmen, Charlie, and even Dr. Kockpocalipse, is Johnny's quest for fame doomed from the start? Will he cause too much trouble on the airwaves? Can he be stopped?
101 - FRANCO'S DILEMA (2007)
Franco explains his troubles at school, and Johnny does his best to prove that he has the knowledge to help Franco pass.
102 - NEW REPUBLIC (2007)
School starts, and Johnny has clearly already forgotten about his promise. Nevertheless, Johnny re-agrees to help Franco, and helps him with his homework.
103 - U.S. CORPORATIONS (2007)
Franco brings his secoond assignment to work and Johnny is there to help. It is then that Johnny gets an idea, and heads off to talk to his pal Hollywood Havoc.
104 - JOHNNY'S PILOT (2007)
Hollywood sets up a makeshift set for Johnny, and the first episode of History Tutor is made for cable access. This doesn't sit well with Mr. Pastrami.
Johnny has a thing or two to share about immigration for he was an immigrant. But then again, aren't all residents of Anarchy Island immigrants?
106 - THE GOLD RUSH (2007)
After a gaff on his last episode, Johnny's lack of knowledge is questioned by his adopted daughter. Looks like someone is going to have to keep Johnny in check.
Hollywood figures out a way to get Johnny to appoligize for his gaff, and the show goes on. How much longer can Hollywood keep this up. Is Franco even passing his class?
201 - THE WAR BEGINS (2007)
Realizing he is going to have to resort to drastic measures to end Johnny's show, Mr. Pastrami hires the hitmen to kill Hollywood Havoc. Seems drastic for cable access television.
202 - THE SPACE RACE (2007)
Upset with Franco, Johnny replaces him as cohost with Charlie. Johnny's respect for women is put to the test when he has to sit next to one who can kick his ass.
After Charlie refuses to return to cohost, Johnny resorts to drastic measures and allows Dr. Kockpocalipse to join him. Despite their shared hatred, the two share the spotlight.
204 - THE ULTIMATUM (2007)
With the show falling apart because Johnny is basically insane, and with the hitmen struggling to kill Hollywood Havoc, something is bound to break soon. Has Mr. Pastrami had enough?
205 - THE FINAL PAPER (2007)
The end is near. In fact, the end is here! Will Franco pass his class? Will the hitmen take out Hollywood? Will Johnny's show finally end, or is this just the beginning? Confused yet?
Johnny Thunderpants - Noah B. Wilson
Hollywood - Noah B. Wilson
Grudge - Noah B. Wilson
Brick - Logan Mitchell
Charlie - Kiwi Simpson

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Animated by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
Johnny Thunderpants needed a show, and some friends at college needed a project. Thus, History Tutor came about and was actually used in the classroom! This show was actually one of the few 'weekly' shows that was created and posted online for all the world to see! It cemented Johnny in SCP history, and a spin off called Pants of Thunder was attempted a few years later. Sadly, Johnny hasn't had much to do since History Tutor aside from popping up in Anarchy Island from time to time. Perhaps one day he can return to telling his historical accounts.

Anarchy Island #1: Residential Evil 2011
With better animation, almost every SCP character, and a few more years of experience, 'Tales From Chaos City' became Anarchy Island! Yet ... this was the only episode that was made. Bummer, cuz it ends on a cliffhanger. Sorry about that. This also randomly has a video by Meatball Sub at the end, who later became Murder Bear. Don't ask.
Anarchy Island - Johnny VS The Moon Spiders 2013
Johnny has a very interesting story to tell, but do you really want to hear it?
Anarchy Island - Chicken Banana Pizza 2013
Dr. Kockpocalipse wants a slice of Chicken Banana Pizza. Why?
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