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Created by Gabe Wilson in 2000, Ryan Hancock
joined in 2003 and together brought us comedy gold.

What is a clown supposed to do after he lost his home, his wife, and his hit children's show? Get drunk and team up with a mindless hobo and keep the show going! Nothing is going to keep Boozer and Stubs down, not even severe alcohol poisoning!

This show is wrong. Nothing about it is what one might call 'good-natured fun'. Boozer The Clown, a once famous entertainer in the big city, lost everything to drinking; his wife, his daughter, and his show. He fled to Anarchy Island and met a homeless man named Hobbo Stubs (yes, that's his name). Seeing a great chemistry, Boozer and Stubs set out to reclaim Boozer's former glory by making a kid's show under the bridge where they live. Get ready to learn all about life's lessons from two homeless guys who are never sober. They are a prime example of what NOT to do with your life.
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101 - PARK SAFETY (2007)
Boozer and Stubs learn how to be safe at the park, and yet Stubs still gets stuck in some play equipment and somehow lights himself on fire. Meanwhile, we learn about the letter A and Hobbo Stub's obsession with Taylor Hanson.
Hobbo Stubs needs to let the world know about the Geological Climate, and Boozer wants to know if there are any other words that start with the letter B other than Booze and Boozer. B.A. Baracas might show up, but we're not counting on it.
103 - BOTANY SUCKS (2007)
Somehow, the gang got an idea that Botany was cool, but they're in for a surprise! At least we get to learn about the many uses of all the local plant life around the Osos Bay Bridge, or at least the one use Hobbo Stubs cares about.
104 - STUBS GETS SARS (2007)
While we are quite certain that Hobbo Stubs has many diseases and issues, it comes as quite shock to Boozer The Clown that Stubs gets SARS. How did he get it? Does he know what SARS is? What was SARS anyway?
105 - STUBS'S PHONE (2007)
A new mystery befalls Boozer The Clown when it is revealed that Hobbo Stubs has a cell phone. Who keeps calling Stubs? Boozer The Clown tries to sell the viewers a pier, and the animals on the Tallow Farm do more drugs.
106 - AT THE BEACH (2007)
Is it time for a vacation? Boozer and Stubs head to the beach on an adventure like none other. What will they find? Will they finally get the treasure they're after? Will they ever get the sand out of their pants? This can't be good.
201 - SOBER STUBS (2008)
A new season of insanity comes to Boozer and Stubs, and things get off to a bad start when Hobbo Stubs decides to quit drinking. Will Hobbo Stubs cure cancer, join a fun run, and ruin Boozer's show? Not if Boozer has anything to say about it!
202 - CLOWN DENTISTRY (2008)
Hobbo Stubs has a toothache and can't do the show, which pisses Boozer The Clown off so much that he decides to take care of Stub's tooth himself. Boozer also teaches us about the solar system, and Stubs tells us the story of Frogger.
203 - SOCIAL WORKER (2008)
Hobbo Stubs had a huge show planned, but then he forgot he had a meeting with his social worker. Instead of trying to see how Boozer The Clown handles things, let's go see how Stubs's life is going. Boozer also shares his recipe for Lizard Oatmeal.
204 - GET A DAMN JOB (2008)
In an attempt to make some money for a change, Boozer and Stubs end up getting jobs for Dr. Moorhead (what a crossover!). Boozer accidentally teaches us about ants, and Stubs tells us a story about some trains.
205 - THE SEARCH FOR FOOD (2008)
Food is running low, and Boozer and Stubs go in search of a stash of food they left somewhere. Boozer has some more cooking tips for us, and Hobbo Stubs tells us the wonderful tale of Die Hard.
206 - ARBOR DAY (2008)
After a wild night of celebrating Arbor Day with a bunch of other hobos, Boozer and Stubs take some time to teach the kids what Arbor Day is all about, as well as what the heck the Food Octogon is.
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  Boozer And Stubs have some great games, and have appeared in a few others as unlockable characters!  
Boozer The Clown - Gabe Wilson
Hobbo Stubs - Ryan Hancock
Duncan The Monkey - Gabe Wilson

Created by Gabe Wilson
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Gabe Wilson, Ryan Hancock, and Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson

Tallow Farm Segments Created by Noah B. Wilson
©2000 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Gabe Wilson created the character of Boozer The Clown way back in 2000, and then finally got around to making a few videos in 2002, which you can see here. As you can tell, the costume was not quite put together, and the voice was not as raspy as we know it to have become. Nevertheless, a few episodes of The Boozer The Clown show made it to air as part of The New Show and Prime Time Crew in 2002. There was the great 'Bunny Episode' which started to push Boozer the Clown's character (and costume) more, but when Ryan Hancock guest starred on an episode as Hobbo Stubs, there was a full stop to The Boozer The Clown Show. Stubs needed in.

So, after a few more trials with Boozer and Stubs teaming up to learn about the Alphabet, Foety Wada, and even release a CD, the show became The Boozer And Stubs Show in 2007, and that's the show we all know and love today. It was so easy and fun to make that it didn't take too long for the episodes to start rolling out. Sadly, due to distance and normal lives, the gang could only get together once a year to crank out episodes. As a matter of fact, Season 1 and Season 2 were each shot entirely in just two days each. We're very efficient.

What else is there to say about Boozer and Stubs? Well, Boozer did co-host an episode of Sideshow, Hobbo Stubs did some one-off tips you can watch, and we even broke his Storytime segments out into separate videos! Boozer and Stubs also helped bring the Happy Wacky Tallow Farm to life, which eventually spun off into three episodes of their own, and then spun off again into Super Game Talk Video Alpha! Thanks, Boozer and Stubs!

While there have been a few attempts to keep Boozer and Stubs alive, it has sadly moved on. Could they come back for a reunion? Never say never. At least they got a few games to play, and they even make an appearance in Retro Knight! How did they get there?

The Bunny (2002)
Boozer the Clown tangles with a really strong rabbit. Maybe he should have asked Angus McGreggor for help.
Easter Stubs (2003)
When prepping for Easter (for some reason), Boozer The Clown gets some help from his new (or old) pal Hobbo Stubs. This is the first appearance of Hobbo Stubs in SCP history! Rejoice!
Foety Wada (2003)
Boozer and Stubs try to sell some Foety Wada, whatever that is.
Stubs Sings (2004)
Boozer decides to release a CD with his pal Hobbo Stubs.
Cribs (2004)
Boozer and Stubs decide to parody our other skit 'Domiciles', which in itself is a parody of 'Cribs'. Word.
©2000 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
  There's so much more of Boozer and Stubs, some we never got to use!  
Boozer And Stubs - Bloopers (2007)
Fifteen minutes of bloopers and outtakes from the first season of The Boozer And Stubs Show.
Boozer The Clown - Bloopers (2004)
Some outtakes from The Boozer The Clown Show (featuring Hobbo Stubs)
Hitmen - Whack-A-Clown (2006)
Boozer the Clown guest stars on the first episode of Hitmen and does a great Bookdock Saints parody. There was a fire fight!
Anarchy Island Shots - Chicken Banana Pizza (2013)
Boozer and Stubs make a cameo in this quick cartoon.
Stuff Stubs Knows - Pig's Orgasm (2011)
A tiny Hobbo Stubs skit about things he knows.
Stuff Stubs Knows - Pick Your Nose (2011)
A tiny Hobbo Stubs skit about things he knows.
Stuff Stubs Knows - Throw Stones (2011)
A tiny Hobbo Stubs skit about things he knows.
Stuff Stubs Knows - The Dump (2011)
A tiny Hobbo Stubs skit about things he knows.
Tallow Farm #1 - The Bong Ship (2012)
Doc builds a space ship to help him escape the Tallow Farm, and he asks Warty to help him test it out. Quackers thinks it looks like a bong.
Tallow Farm #2 - The Giving Head (2012)
Buns has a plan to help Meowmers out once Meowmers realizes she has herpes. Quackers has a better idea.
Tallow Farm #3 - Feeding The Bear (2012)
Quackers makes a deal with Murder Bear and comes up with a plan to feed him. Doc appears to be a fan of Dr. Moorhead?
Super Game Talk Video Alpha Retro Knight
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