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Quackers, the horrible duck with no censor, is on the
loose and answering questions from the internet. Yikes.

Quackers, the horrible duck with no censor, is on the loose! Quackers now has his own little show where you can literally ask him anything you want. The wealth of information within this puppet is immeasureable.

What does it take for Quackers to host his own show? After many attempts at hosting SGTVA, Quackers has given up and gone off to host his own show (hopefully). Happy to answer any questions people might toss his way (via Twitter #askquackers), this grumpy, violent, crazy duck can't wait to share his jaded opinion of the world with the world! Can you handle his quacks? Can you find the answers you need? How about you Ask Quackers and find out!
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#101 - EXTRA GUACAMOLE (2020)
Quackers doesn't want to pay for extra guac.
#102 - PANDEMIC PANIC (2020)
When asked a question regarding pandemics, Quackers admits to something bad.
#103 - QUACKERS TRIPS OUT (2020)
A question about reality confuses Quackers, and a question about beer makes him mad.
#104 - SUPER CAT (2020)
Quackers might have discovered Super Cat, and also has questions about eating tires.
#105 - SALSA UTOPIA (2020)
Quackers discusses his hatred of Coconut Water and his love for the Human Centipede movies.
#106 - REUSED CONDOMS (2020)
Quackers gives his opinions on mayonnaise, Alex Trebek, and some tips on Christmas tree decorations.
Quackers - Noah B. Wilson

Created by Noah B. Wilson
Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2020 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Quackers has always been fairly dear to my (Noah's) heart. He started as a Meatwad impersonation as part of The Boozer and Stubs Show, then went on to have all the best lines in the three episodes of Happy Wacky Tallow Farm, and then of course cracked out in SGTVA. While still a member of SGTVA, I wanted to give Quackers more time to spread his insanity and doing what he loves: reading tweets. The more tweets of #askquackers he gets, the more episodes he gets as well.
Tallow Farm #1 - The Bong Ship (2012)
Doc builds a space ship to help him escape the Tallow Farm, and he asks Warty to help him test it out. Quackers thinks it looks like a bong.
Tallow Farm #2 - The Giving Head (2012)
Buns has a plan to help Meowmers out once Meowmers realizes she has herpes. Quackers has a better idea.
Tallow Farm #3 - Feeding The Bear (2012)
Quackers makes a deal with Murder Bear and comes up with a plan to feed him. Doc appears to be a fan of Dr. Moorhead?
©2020 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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