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Mr. Smiley
Known for: Living With Smiley, The Risk Taker, MUCH, History Tutor, Prime Time Crew, Chaos City
Behold his greatness, the one and only Mr. Smiley (probably not, he was a mass produced puppet). The namesake of Smiley Crew Productions, the idea was that we were his gang and he was a homicidal puppet. Now you know. Despite the name and whatnot, Mr. Smiley didn't actually appear until 2002 as a background prop master on Prime Time Crew, occasionally scaring hat wrangler Dusty Gaebel (puppetry provided by Chezare Autrey). Mr. Smiley would go on to appear in Chaos City, MUCH, and make his big splash in The Risk Taker.

When cartoons started in 2004, Mr. Smiley got animated! He joined his new gang on Anarchy Island and hung out with Hollywood and Iceman in Living With Smiley, as well as making appearances in History Tutor and other cartoons that I can't remember right now.

Despite the rise of the Tallow Farm and SGTVA puppets, Mr. Smiley is retired. Since SCP broke from Cable Access and started to make videos and cartoons that were copyright free, Mr. Smiley (the puppet) had to go as well. He is not technically owned by us, and therefore cannot be used for profit (like we get any of that anyway). He's still here, hanging out, looking over our shoulders, and making sure we still make cool things.
The Risk Taker (2003)
The epic story of Risk as played out by CJ Goodwin, Mr. Smiley, and others. Mr. Smiley tangles with his nemesis Captian Chimpy (yes, the typo is there, so we decided that it was his name). I love the hell out of this movie.
Mr. Smiley Music Video featuring Mustard Plug (2003)
Mr. Smiley's music video by Mustard Plug. Kinda unofficial though. Don't tell anyone. We swear the the idea for Mr. Smiley did not come from this band, nor do we think the idea for this song came from our homicidal puppet. Insane coincidence? Seems like it.
Living With Smiley #101 - Smiley's Roast (2007)
Mr. Smiley gets an idea to host a BBQ in the backyard after he and Iceman steal a pig. Where did they get the pig? Where are they going to grill it? Is their backyard big enough to fit all of Osos Bay? Some adjustments will have to be made.
Living With Smiley #102 - Smiley's Mail (2007)
A package has arrived, and Mr. Smiley and Iceman could not be happier. However, this isn't just a package: it's a crate full of rockets! Why did Iceman and Smiley order rockets? Who cares?! Get the chainsaw!
Living With Smiley #103 - Smiley's Pizza (2007)
Smiley and Iceman decide to open a pizza parlor in the kitchen, which doesn't really jive well with local pizza god Johnny Thunderpants, especially after they steal the name of his parlor and change his ads.
Living With Smiley #104 - Smiley's Hit (2007)
After watching the movie Smokin' Aces (dated much?), Smiley and Iceman decide to become hitmen. But who are they going to kill? And who is going to pay them to kill? Aren't there already hitmen in Osos Bay?
Living With Smiley #105 - Smiley's Score (2007)
Teaming up with Johnny Thunderpants might actually pay off as Iceman and Smiley invent explosive pizza! Now they just have to find someone willing to buy pizza that might blow up when they eat it. Any takers?
Hitmen #103: Puppet Peril (2006)
Mr. Smiley is hunted by Brick and Grudge for the first of many times. Mr. Smiley pulls a Bugs Bunny and disguises himself to trick the dim-witted Grudge. Spoiler alert?
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