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Known for: Hitmen, Retro Knight
Grudge has lived two lives.

His first life was as a bumbling hitman on Anarchy Island. He was the right-hand-man of Brick, yet Grudge always seemed to be confused about which hand was his right hand, so he wasn't much help. Tripping through life, Grudge was far more obsessed with Mexican food than he was with being a hitman, which led to all sorts of unfortunant situations. Grudge also made countless apperances in the lives of other characters such as Dr. Kockpocalipse, Johnny Thunderpants, Mr. Smiley, Hollywood, Dr. Moorhead, and so on. Grudge managed to not die despite his best efforts, and continued his quest for more tasty snacks.

Grudge (somehow) left Anarchy Island and made his way to the far larger island of Kingdomland. There, he and Brick seemed to have separated as Brick settled into this retro-inspired country and became a blacksmith, leaving Grudge to seemingly achieve a life-long dream he never knew he had: becoming a knight. Grudge got rid of his suit, put on some fancy armor, and quickly joined King Kerupt's league of knights. What adventures await Grudge in this new life? Well, you get to decide that, actually.
Retro Knight - I'm Grudge (2018)
Meet Grudge as he becomes a knight for King Kerupt! No longer a hitman, Grudge has a new look, a new weapon, but that same old useless brain.
Retro Knight - Intro Video (2018)
Grudge joins the Kingdomland Army and gets his instructions from General Jerkface in this wacky opening cartoon for Retro Knight.
Hitmen #101 - Whack-A-Clown (2006)
Boozer The Clown's show on Pilot Cable Access is driving Mr. Pastrami mad, so he hires the local assassins to kill Boozer The Clown. Man, local cable access television can be brutal!
Hitmen #102 - Black Forest Brawl (2006)
Tired of Grudge's crap, Brick secretly takes a job from a mysterious person and heads out to the Black Forest to retrieve ... something. Meanwhile, Grudge seems to really like slides.
Hitmen #103 - Puppet Peril (2006)
Realizing Grudge doesn't even have a gun, Brick decides to finally do something about it. But their plans change once they spot a wanted poster for Mr. Smiley. They can catch a puppet, right?
Hitmen #104 - Nacho Explosion (2006)
In what is considered to be the 'best' episode, Brick and Grudge are hired by Dr. Kockpocalipse to take out an environmentalist, but Grudge wants the new nachos at Taco Well. Focus up, Grudge!
Hitmen #201 - A New Beginning (2007)
PART 1 - The Hawaiian Mafia is back, and they want revenge on Brick for killing their old boss in the original pilot. These guys seem like they mean business, which could prove to be very problematic for the duo.
Hitmen #202 - The Faceoff (2007)
PART 2 - The Hawaiian Mafia strikes first! Are Brick and Grudge doomed? Well, probably not. There are still three more episodes in the series. Spoiler alert? A message is delivered, and Brick realizes he's in deep.
Hitmen #203 - Waiting For Ludwig (2007)
PART 3 - Brick goes in search of some real help from someone who can be bought and might have guns: Boozer the Clown. However, the Hawaiian Mafia are hot on his trails and the bullets are going to fly. Language!
Hitmen #204 - Brick's Plan (2007)
PART 4 - A wacky phone mix-up leads to Brick developing a plan as to how he can defeat the Hawaiian Mafia. But, we can't expect things to go as planned, can we? Mr. Smiley makes a cameo, but he's hard to spot cuz of his disguise.
Hitmen #205 - Grudge's Head (2007)
PART 5 - Grudge ends up in the clutches of the Hawaiian Mafia, and now he has to deal with Mr. Kaluha. It appears there's only one way to save Grudge, and that means Brick has to turn himself in. Time to end this.
Lab Of Ingeniocity #203 - Nacho Gun (2007)
Brick and Grudge make a quick cameo in this episode of Lab Of Ingeniocity. You'll have to watch this whole series to figure out why he made this cameo, but it is clear that he didn't seem to mind.
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