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Another year. Another chance to make cool things, or so I hoped. Apple and Adobe stopped playing nice, so all the SCP Mobile Apps got kinda screwed. So with that, Logan Mitchell and Noah B. Wilson went on a crusade to learn HTML5 so we can host some ofour games right here on the site! SGVTA got a few more episodes, but things did indeed slow down a bit. Honestly it was tough to decide which direction to go.
+1 1/10/21 - Episode #45 of SGTVA
+1 1/31/21 - Episode #46 of SGTVA
  3/8/21 - Log In features are added to the website. These will come in handy later!
+1 3/15/21 - Episode #47 of SGTVA
+1 3/15/21 - New Arcade game Clutch Sprocket 1.0 is released!
+1 3/21/21 - New Arcade game Jobin On Ice 1.0 is released!
+1 4/3/21 - New Arcade game Brick Doubt 1.0 is released!
+1 6/6/21 - Episode #48 of SGTVA!
+1 6/28/21 - Episode #49 of SGTVA!
+1 7/31/21 - New ArcadeFest game Bad Memory 1.0 is released!
+1 9/4/21 - Episode #50 of SGTVA!
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