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Arrows = Move | Space = Jump | F = Lift/Drop
Jump, lift, carry, and make as many different waffles as you can in this unique platform/puzzler!

Top Players
Just because you are The Waffler: Lord of The Fortress of Waffletude does not mean that making waffles comes easy. In the underground world of breakfast, join The Waffler as he searches his various rooms for all of the ingredients needed to supply the world with waffles. Lift and carry crates to elevators in order to get all the supplies you need while also gathering milk, eggs, and waffle mix. Jump through various mazes and battle the harsh food monsters like Pasta, Burgers, Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Tomatoes that want to spoil your breakfast. Find powerups, extra toppings, and coins which The Waffler has forgotten all about on your quest to make as many waffles as possible. How many will you make?

• Classic 2D Platformer / Puzzler / Adventure!
• Explore The Pantry, Syrup Falls, The Hot Iron, and more!
• Voiced by The Waffler himself Brice Shultz!
The Waffler - Brice Shultz

Programmed by Noah B. Wilson
Artwork by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2023 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
The Waffler has had a strange history with Smiley Crew Productions as he is owned by non-crew member Brice Shultz. Happy to see the Waffler appear in many shows and places, Brice has also lent his voice so Waffle Time could be created. This is now the second iteration of Waffle Time, the first being its own iOS App Back in 2014. The original Waffle Time also appeared on the SCP Aracde App in full.

As for The Waffler, he has appeared in both the original Anarchy Island video game dating back to Flash in 2010-2012 and Retro Knight in 2017. He will return again for Retro Knight in 2024.

Game Updates:

5-11-23: Version 1.0 launches! There's more to add and create, but this game needs to be played by the masses. Hopefully I can get a nice update in a few months with some new levels.

10-17-23: A new v1.1 adds the ability to type in initials in the top scores, as well as reboots the top scores for a simpler format. Improvements have been made for a faster load time.

©2023 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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