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Arrows = Move/Open | Space = Jump | F Key = Attack | D Key = Swap Characters
Help Cassandra and Carlos get back to their mansion and defeat the very rude Larry the Gargoyle!

Top Players
Carlos Juan Vespa is a world-renouned art collector, mixologist, and former yo-yo champion. Cassandra Hayek Vespa is a fortune teller, card dealer, and a vampire slayer who has possibly worked herself out of a profession for being so good at it. So what happens when this rich couple gets kicked out of their mansion by a giant gargoyle named Larry? They must work together, rely on their strengths, and fight all the way back to reclaim their home. It won't be easy for they will have to run through graveyards, hike through haunted forests, crawl through caverns, leap over lava pits, and scramble through spooky catacombs. But with Carlos's yo-yo skills and Cassandra's card-dealing prowess, this shouldn't be a problem, right? How many minions can Larry summon to stop them? A lot, it seems.

• Classic, Halloween-themed 2D Platformer inspired by Ghosts N Goblins and Castlevania!
• Tons of power-ups like the Cursed Yo-Yo, Vampire Wings, and Spellbound Fireballs!
• Swap between Carlos and Cassandra at any time to defeat Larry's minions!
• Branching Pathways and alternate routes back to the mansion make each game unique!
You can also play this game at www.spookymania.com!
Carlos Juan Vespa - Noah B. Wilson
Cassandra Hayek Vespa - Sharilyn Wilson
Larry / Minions - Noah B. Wilson

Programmed by Noah B. Wilson
Artwork by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Vince Lubinsky & Noah B. Wilson
©2023 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
When Noah wanted to deck his house out like Ghosts N Goblins for Halloween, he ran into two problems: 1) there is not a lot of Ghosts N Goblins merch to just decorate with so easily and 2) no kid of treat-or-treater age would be able to play one of the hardest games ever created. So what was the solution? Make his own version of the game! And so, Spookymania was created in a few months and released to the world just in time for Halloween 2023. You can even see pictures of the decorations at www.spookymania.com!

Game Updates:

10-25-23: Version 1.0 launches just in time for Halloween!
©2023 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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