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Arrows = Move/Open | Space = Jump
Gorpee is lost somewhere in Corporation H! Can Dr. Kock (and friends) find him?

Top Players
Somewhere within Dr. Kockpocalipse's glorious compound, his friendly, cuddly, beloved monster Gorpee is lost! Considering every single other monster Dr. Kock has created is evil and sinister, Gorpee could be in big trouble. Thankfully, Dr. Kock knows his way around Corporation H, or so he thought. It seems like doors are leading to random rooms, making it very hard for him to track his buddy down. Hurry, before Gorpee gets hurt!

• Unlock six additional characters to play as!
• Randomizer keeps each game different
• Lots of power-ups to help in your quest
Dr. Kock - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Moorhead - Noah B. Wilson
Angus McGreggor - Max Marple
Boozer The Clown - Gabe Wilson
Hobbo Stubs - Ryan Hancock
Grudge - Noah B. Wilson

Programmed by Noah B. Wilson
Artwork by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson and Vince Lubinsky
©2023 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Like Donkey Kong, Gorpee Kong is very old. Obviously not as old, but old. The first Gorpee Kong was made in 2004 in Flash and was very much like the original Donkey Kong. It even used Donkey Kong sound effects! Then in 2020, a new Gorpee Kong version was made that was way more like Mega Man than Donkey Kong. This version might be the most popular version, but sadly is discontinued. You can see the original commercial for it here, and you might notice those graphics are now being used in Spookymania and Animal Fury.

This third (and probably final) version is a mix of both versions, but this is the only version to have a random game generator! Each time you play Gorpee Kong, you'll get a different set of levels to explore, and new levels are getting added all the time!

Fun fact: You can actually hear Grudge playing Gorpee Kong in this episode of Hitmen, although the sound effects were mostly taken from Donkey Kong at the time.

Game Updates:

2-12-23: A new (third) version of the app is created from scratch for HTML5. The original app style will be used to make Anarchy Island ... someday.

10-17-23: A new v1.1 adds the ability to type in initials in the top scores, as well as reboots the top scores for a simpler format. A few minor tweeks also made to gameplay, but nothing significant.

1-15-24: A new v1.5 adds five more levels! Neato!

©2023 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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