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Arrows = Move | Space = Shoot | F Key = Bonus Weapon | D Key = Use Orbs
Blast into outer space with Clutch Sprocket in this classic, action-packed space-shooter!

Top Players
Throwback to the days of old ... from the future! This retro shooter will have you blasting tons of space ships who seem to want nothing more than to destroy you too! Zip faster and faster into the cosmos as Clutch Sprocket in your sexy Galaxy Defender while picking up Power Orbs, and Mighty Coins to boost your ship and your score! See how long your Cosmic Rush can last as the game gets faster, the enemies get harder, and the screen fills up with deadly rays.

• Eight different weapons to powerup your ship
• Randomizer keeps each game different
• Tons of different enemy ships to fight against
• Increasing difficulty to keep your fingers busy
Clutch Sprocket - Max Marple

'Clutch Sprocket' Created by Max Marple
Programmed by Noah B. Wilson and Logan Mitchell
Artwork by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson and Vince Lubinsky
©2021 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Based on Max's Clutch Sprocket, this classic space shooter was the first HTML5 game created by Smiley Crew Productions. I (Noah) used an old game called Zap Zap and reskinned it with Max's idea for Clutch Sprocket. Then Logan figured out all the Javascript we would need to convert Zap Zap to HTML5, and I was paying close attention to what he was doing. This game served as a jumping off point for all HTML5 games to come. It is missing a few things from our original plans, but those will come in time. No big, 'cosmic' rush right now. See what I did there?

Game Updates:

3-15-21: Version 1.0 launches! We made our first HTML5 game! Now what?

10-17-23: A new v1.3 adds the ability to type in initials in the top scores, as well as reboots the top scores for a simpler format. Improvements have been made for a faster load time.

©2021 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
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