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Arrows = Move | Space = Shoot
Brick is blasting bricks with a ball he found in an alley. Why? We don't know, just don't let those bricks fall!

Top Players
This classic SCP Game has a new look as the original Brick Doubt gets converted to HTML5 and themed after The Hitmen. Now with some crosshairs for blasting, you can bounce the ball to smash bricks, or just shoot them! You can also shoot a variety of other things including rival mafia hitmen, lamps, televisions, or even Grudge (please don't shoot Grudge).

• Based on the classic Mobile App
• Collect a variety of power-ups from the Fire Ball to the Rocket Launcher
• Shoot lamps, pots, televisions, or even rival hitmen for bonus points
• Don't shoot Grudge, his nachos, or his soda
• Voiced by Noah B. Wilson

Programmed by Noah B. Wilson and Logan Mitchell
Artwork by Noah B. Wilson
Music by Noah B. Wilson and Vince Lubinsky

©2015-2021 Smiley Crew Productions
4-3-21: Version 1.0 launches! The classic game returns! There is still some voice acting missing, but we can add that later.
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