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Web Design started as just a hobby because places like Facebook and Youtube did not exist when I started making videos and was in need of a venue to put them online. I started teaching myself HTML, then Flash, then CSS, PHP, and MySQL as well. I like to think I have what it takes to make some great looking websites. Check out some of my current websites below. I am always available for freelance work as a Web Designer.

(Live Beta. Work In Progress.)
In 2016, I took control of this website and revamped it to be not just a website, but a tool for independent video game developers to market their games without actually spending any money. This site is a constant work-in-progress and I am always trying to upgrade it with new features.
The Viking Bunnies are my biggest project in the terms that it could go the farthest. I am working on several new books and apps. It is an ongoing project that is thankfully timeless. I'll be working on The Viking Bunnies until the day I die.
A pretty cool website for my App Jobin The Penguin. I always wanted my own 'Super Mario World' ... now I have one. Demand is high for a sequel ... so I'm sure it will appear soon.
A slammed a lot of my first Apps into one big App called SCP Arcade. SCP Arcade lets you not only play my early games, but challenge other people to beat your high score. This small website shows all the great features as well as the current top players via PHP. The App syncs with this site. Very cool.
The Fury Saga is really my biggest and most ambitious project as it is a novel series that I hope to turn into feature films one day. I have been working on this project for the longest of times (started developing the concept in 2000). In a way, this 5-part novel-series is a sequel to what I am doing at Anarchy Island. In fact, Part I is called "Anarchy Island". While the series contains many Anarchy Islanders like Dr. Kock, Johnny, Charlie, and more, the series really revolves around a character I have not used: a 'man' known as "The Fury".
A tiny website to show off my many Apps. Most of my Apps get their own site now-a-days, so the ones that are not big enough end up here. This one could use a boost.
I made a lot of stupid movies with my friends from 1998-today, and they like to show them off. So I made this website for them to do so. Some CSS mixed into Youtube's player. Works pretty well. Needs some boosts.
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