Indie Video Games has been sold to a new owner/developer.
The previous site has been removed as the new tenants move in. All previous submissions to the former website have been saved, and we will contact those developers when the new site is ready. Please bare with us during this transitional process as an entirely new website full of new features, rankings, ratings, resources, and other words that start with "r" will be built. The new owners are looking to make this website one of the foremost authorities in the Indie Video Game community, whether you are a developer, a fan of independent works, an avid player on Twitch, a Youtube Reviewer, or something in the middle. In summation, this will be a social network for fans and participants of the independent gaming community.
However, our goal will be to not only bring everyone together to one hub, but to make it easier and cheaper for those looking for exposure to market their game. We're going to work with you. We're going to provide real experience and success stories that can be applied to you. We're going to find those internet deals and tricks of the trade and share them as best we can. We're going to break down the walls because we know your game is worth being seen by more eyes, and just because a game is popular or on the front page on Steam or the Apple App store doesn't mean it's good: it means whoever made it has lots of money. It's not easy competing against the bigger companies who can hire Arnold Schwarzenegger or Kate Upton for their marketing campaigns, we know. We want to play your game. We want others to play your game. We're here to help. We're here to have fun. We cannot tell you all of the features we are planning yet as we have not finalized what they will be, but we can assure you that they are robust, helpful, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Until we're ready to show you what we're doing beyond this page, visit us on Twitter, follow us for updates, and we'll keep helping you promote your games!