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- Voice Acting / Talent -
I want to be Voice Actor, but I really don't know where to start. So I took my own advice and just started doing it anyway ... even if I wasn't getting paid. I'll leave it up to you to decide if I am any good or not, but I have been fortunate enough to lend my voice to dozens of commercials in the past, and am currently working at the voice of Chef Solus and the Junk Food Bandits over at Nourish Interactive. Hopefully I can bring some of those cartoons on this site soon as they are still in production as of today (October 2014). Here are some voice samples of some of my favorite personal creations. If you want to see them in action, visit their profiles at www.scpmovies.com!

NOTE: I have also done lots of work as a Voice Talent for various small businesses in the San Luis Obispo area, lending my voice to dozens of commercials. I am trying to scrounge up some examples of my voice on the air. I hope to post those soon.
Pick A Voice For A Demo!
My Best of My Best
Dr. Kockpocalipse
My favorite of all my voices. Dr. Kockpocalipse just sort of came to me. Started doing the voice in 2002 I think. Didn't really hit his stride until around 2010 where I perfected his tone and mannerisms. I can slip in and out of his voice at will. I don't know where it comes from, but it has some weird annunciations and sometimes sounds sort of British. However Dr. Kockpocalipse is not British: he is just crazy. View his Profile Page for his cartoons.
Johnny Thunderpants
A very close runner up to Dr. Kockpocalipse is Johnny Thunderpants. Johnny is really just me doing a bit of an angry Billy Idol impersonation. It is a bit difficult to do his voice due to the harshness of his tone, but its still one of my favorites even if it hurts a little. I have done this voice professionally for a few commercials. View his Profile Page for his cartoons.
Dr. Moorhead
Dr. Moorhead is an impersonation of an impersonation. He is my version of Mark McKinney of Kids In The Hall doing his impersonation of Lorne Michaels (see Brain Candy). Dr. Moorhead is however a bit more bumbling than arrogant. He is a good guy who might trip over his own words for his smaller ego has to content with Dr. Kockpocalipse mega-ego. View his Profile Page for his cartoons.
Grudge started out as being a Benico Del Toro / Usual Suspects impersonation, but then I mixed in some Jim Breuer and now Grudge is just a complete and total moron. I love the Grudge voice, but sadly, I don't play the character any more. He is also the only character on this list that I play both live-action and as a voice in cartoons. (I have played Dr. Kockpocalipse live, but that was before the voice was perfected so it does not count). View his Profile Page for his cartoons and videos.
Dave The Yeti
Dave is one of my new favorites: he is just a big, huggable, loveable, silly Yeti. He is so new, I haven't even finished developing the content for him. He currently only appears in my fitness at Super Fit Land as a personal trainer, but I am hoping to use his voice in a new App in development oddly titled Dave The Yeti. He is so new ... I don't even have the art of his completed yet! Dave's voice can also be heard as the voice of the Soda Monster over at Nourish Interactive.
Poor Warty just doesn't get enough attention. He was a puppet I voiced on the currently-on-life-support series Tallow Farm. I would love to restart Tallow Farm, but I cannot figure out all the aspects of what would make that franchise great. So Warty just sits on the sidelines with his other friends, yet his voice is fantastic and I can slip into it at any time.
Ivan the King Crab
Apologies and greatest respect to voice actor Maurice LaMarche of Futurama fame for admittedly, Ivan the King Crab is my best Hedonism Bot impersonation. Yet because of the nature of the world of The Viking Bunnies, Ivan is more interested in sardines that 'other things'. I'm getting a bit better with this voice and more-or-less able to carry casual conversation in character. Visit www.vikingbunnies.com for his profile.
Modulated / Altered Voices
(Sometimes I do change my voice in post because I just need more voices!)
Captain Fuzzy
Captain Fuzzy is a bit like Dr. Kockpocalipse ... if the mad doctor was a bunny. I do love Captain Fuzzy's voice and wish I could do it without adjustment, but sometimes I just gotta go with what sounds right. View his Profile Page for his cartoons.
Dr. Kockpocalipse and Johnny Thunderpants have a talk.
(I also voiced Boozer The Clown because my brother was out of town. I think I nailed it. Still gave him credit. It was just one line.)
Apart from using my normal voice for my characters Hollywood Havoc and Lars The Viking Bunny, I also do the voices for Yoseph Poha, Dennis Franco, Captain Hampton, Eddie Lizard, and Admiral Bacondonte. I'll list them among the others when I get better!
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