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Video Editor / Animator / Video Producer
Started editing video on Avid Videomaker in 1997. Moved to Final Cut Pro in 2000 upon the application's release, and still use it to this day. Starting doing 2D animation and cartoons in 2004 using Adobe Flash and After Effects (had a few glory years when you could drag a .swf file directly into Final Cut Pro). Learned Premiere Pro in 2011. Edited short films, sports promotions and commercials, stop motion animation, commercials, narratives, eductional videos, infomercials, documentaries, promotions, title sequences, exercise videos, multi-cam, and sports introductions which have appeared on large jumbotrons. Created cartoons for web and broadcast. Edited works have appeared on Fox Sports, ESPN, and ABC Family. Emmy Nominated in 2010. Created too many personal projects, short films, and cartoons to count. Worked as a Video Editor / Animator for Corvaso, Mantech, Remilon, NBC, Nourish Interactive, Smiley Oil, Clokey Productions, VS Athletics, and various independent filmmakers.
The Viking Bunnies (2010-)
Super Fit Land (2014)
Anarchy Island (2008)
The Fury Saga (2009-)
Robot Gardens (Website)
Dave The Yeti (App)
Dirk McClintock (Book)
Starfish Commandos (App)
Space Taters (App)
- Apps Now Available! -
Videographer / Camera Operator
Started shooting on good-old 8mm in 1997. Moved to HD in 2005. Have used too many cameras to list (not that it matters, any good videographer should be able to use any camera in just a few minutes). Have shot short films, sports, government meetings, live sports for broadcast, live to tape conferences and meetings, documentaries, and literally hundreds of commercials for local businesses (dentists, auto lots, pizza joints, sports teams, furniture stores, clothing stores, political ads, and even made a commercial with a bear). Have shot action-packed sequences, testimonials with soft lighting, in hospital ERs, in a news studio, in vineyards, green-screen, and while riding on top of a truck. Great experience with light and sound as well. Experience with steady-cam and jibs. Very proactive. Very resourceful. Enjoys creative approaches to shooting and coming up with new angles. Emmy Nominated in 2010. Worked as a Videographer / Cam Op for Corvaso, Remilon, NBC, AGP Video, VS Athletics, and worked as camera operator on too many short films to list.
Graphic Designer / Flash Cartoonist
Completely fluent in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign). Started using Photoshop in 1999. Started using Flash/Illustrator in 2004. Created print works, published ads in newspapers, created brochures, worked in photo retouching, created print materials for tradeshows, designed business cards, and created The Viking Bunnies in 2010 for both web and print. Have done graphic work and created cartoon characters for local businesses while working at NBC (logos, web graphics, color schemes, photoshopped images, retouching), Nourish Interactive (interactive Flash elements, cartoons, charcters, vector art, and video games), Smiley Oil (web graphics, Flash animations, vector art, and video games), Remilon (company's cartoon style and Flash animations), and Mantech (photoshopped elements and retouching).
Web Design / Development
Advanced knowledge using HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, and Flash Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0. Some knowledge of HTML5, Javascript, and Wordpress. Created websites (which I am sorry to say are no longer available) for Charter Communications, Outreach, and Smiley Oil. Assisted in web departments at Remilon, Nourish Interactive, and several smaller companies, bands, and independent developers. Currently running personal site for The Viking Bunnies and developing other independent websites for personal projects Anarchy Island, Robot Gardens, and Super Fit Land.
Game Design / Development, App Development
Created Flash Games starting in 2004. Created too many to count. First student at CSU Monterey Bay to have a video game as their final project (Adventures In Chaos City, currently in development to be revived under new title Anarchy Island). Nearly sold Adventures In Chaos City to start-up company Smiley Oil. Created games professionally for Smiley Oil, Nourish Interactive, and movie producer Jason McHugh. Created over a dozen mobile apps including hits Super Fit Land, Six Pack Man, and Bunny Balloons with more to come including the soon-to-be hit Cannibal: The Game, the official game of the the 1993 film Cannibal: The Musical. Created educational programs and simulations for government contracted company Mantech to be used in the Navy. Work is classified. Seriously.
Instructional Design / Content Development
Created instructional materials of all walks for companies and institutions such as CSU Monterey Bay, Nourish Interactive, Remilon (Education-Portal.com), and Mantech. Created cartoons to be used in the classroom. Created over 100 cartoons while working as a Video Editor / Animator for Remilon. Developed cartoon style for Remilon which is still in use today. Created software for Mantech to be used in the Navy. Created children's cartoons and educational video games for Nourish Interactive. Also created personal project Super Smart Land to educate quickly via short cartoons (would love to make more).
Online Resumé
I have had many titles in my past: Video Editor, Creative Producer, Web Designer, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, and even Animator. Check out my online resumé here!
Video Editing
Video Editing is probably the thing I am best known for. I was nominated for an Emmy in 2010 while working at NBC in San Luis Obispo. Check out my reel and some of my favorite works here!
Web Design
While I have not done it much professionally, I love web design and spend a lot of time fiddling with my own websites. Here are some examples of my work.
Mobile Apps / Flash
As far as I am concerned, Flash is alive and well, and I enjoy it throughly! I use Flash for most of my artwork in my cartoons, books, and even made mobile Apps. Visit my arcade/gallery!
I've always felt I was destined to be a writer on some level, and only recently have I actually started writing books. Even got me an agent! More to come!
Okay, I'm really not very musically talented. I don't even play an instrument. However, I have a keen ear and have mixed together a lot of great tracks for my movies and video games.
Video Games
I've always made mazes and stuff since I was little, not to mention a love for classic video games. Of course, this led to the creation of video games which you can play right here on my site!
Voice Acting
Since making a turn to cartoons back in 2005, I have practiced voice acting quite a bit. I have about a dozen voices I do for my various cartoons and am always searching for more.
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