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- Quick Autobiography - - Personal Creations -
Despite what the title of my website might say, I don't really consider myself a 'video editor' or a 'programmer' or a 'writer' even. The fact of the matter is that I cannot stop creating. Creating is just what I was born to do.

I started creating when I was in first grade when I would stay in during recess and write, which to this day has not stopped. I wrote my way through grade school and, while my skills were the equivalant of a grade-schooler, some of the plots were actually pretty profound (if I do say so myself!). Then when I was a senior in high school, Final Cut Pro came out, and since I never thought of myself as a novelist (and I always invisioned what I was writing to be a movie on some level), those writings found their way into videos. I made my first 'movie' in 2000 before I graduated from high school, and I was hooked from that day forward.

But since Youtube did not exist yet, I had to find another way to get my videos online, thus Web Design became a hobby as well. I had to figure out HTML and Dreamweaver. (It would be years later when I dove into PHP, MySQL, CSS, and os on because I was far more concerned with learning to edit and make movies than web design.) Broadcast Television first started in 2001 when I began making cable access shows. I learned the basics of Animation from Arthur Clokey himself (creator of Gumby) in 2003. Flash Cartoons first surfaced in 2004 and were soon followed by Flash Games. After chasing the dream for a bit, I began working for NBC and was Nominated for an Emmy in 2010. In 2012, I created The Viking Bunnies which is a colorful, fun, energetic series of kids' books. In 2013, I wrote my first full novel The Fury Saga: The Renegades (4 more to come!). In 2014, I started SCP Games, which is a large Mobile App/Game Network I hope to have pushed quite far by the end of the year. I also started converting The Viking Bunnies into Apps as well, so it seems like Apps is the big thing for me at the moment.

So whether it is videos, screenplays, cartoons, skits, children's books, novels, graphics, games, television shows, websites, Mobile Apps, or commercials, one thing is certain: I will never stop creating.
I'm always making something new. Here are just a few of the things that escaped from my mind and into the real world. Unless otherwise noted, all these things are still going forward.
- Going Strong -
The Viking Bunnies (2012-)
Super Fit Land (2014)
SCP Games (2014)
Super Smart Land (2013-)
Anarchy Island (2008)
The Fury Saga (2009-)
- Still Trapped In My Mind -
Robot Gardens (App)
Dave The Yeti (App)
Dirk McClintock (Book)
Starfish Commandos (App)
Space Taters (App)
- Apps Now Available! -
Online Resumé
I have had many titles in my past: Video Editor, Creative Producer, Web Designer, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, and even Animator. Check out my online resumé here!
Video Editing
Video Editing is probably the thing I am best known for. I was nominated for an Emmy in 2010 while working at NBC in San Luis Obispo. Check out my reel and some of my favorite works here!
Web Design
While I have not done it much professionally, I love web design and spend a lot of time fiddling with my own websites. Here are some examples of my work.
Mobile Apps / Flash
As far as I am concerned, Flash is alive and well, and I enjoy it throughly! I use Flash for most of my artwork in my cartoons, books, and even made mobile Apps. Visit my arcade/gallery!
I've always felt I was destined to be a writer on some level, and only recently have I actually started writing books. Even got me an agent! More to come!
Okay, I'm really not very musically talented. I don't even play an instrument. However, I have a keen ear and have mixed together a lot of great tracks for my movies and video games.
Video Games
I've always made mazes and stuff since I was little, not to mention a love for classic video games. Of course, this led to the creation of video games which you can play right here on my site!
Voice Acting
Since making a turn to cartoons back in 2005, I have practiced voice acting quite a bit. I have about a dozen voices I do for my various cartoons and am always searching for more.
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