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Logan Mitchell takes the lead and Noah B. Wilson
gets in front of the camera for some awkward adventures.

Brick can't shoot. Grudge can't think. Embracing the lawlessness of Anarchy Island, seasoned hitman Brick and his bumbling partner Grudge become the island's most well known assassins, but it isn't because they are any good. Realizing that the small island doesn't exactly offer them much to do, the wanna-be killers end up taking whatever jobs float their way.

Street-smart Brick and not-smart Grudge are Anarchy Island's best assassins. They are also the island's only assassins. Digging deep into the underbelly of the small island where the police do not exist, Brick and Grudge end up playing many different sides of the non-existent law, working for whoever will offer them money and willing to kill anyone. But can a hitman with zero skills with a gun kill anyone at all? Can his partner, a foolish moron who often forgets to keep his eyes open actually follow directions without getting distracted by nachos, tacos, or some random penny on the ground? What unfolds is surefire humor, wit, and random violence!
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101 - WHACK-A-CLOWN (2006)
Boozer The Clown's show on Pilot Cable Access is driving Mr. Pastrami mad, so he hires the local assassins to kill Boozer The Clown. Man, local cable access television can be brutal!
Tired of Grudge's crap, Brick secretly takes a job from a mysterious person and heads out to the Black Forest to retrieve ... something. Meanwhile, Grudge seems to really like slides.
103 - PUPPET PERIL (2006)
Realizing Grudge doesn't even have a gun, Brick decides to finally do something about it. But their plans change once they spot a wanted poster for Mr. Smiley. They can catch a puppet, right?
104 - NACHO EXPLOSION (2006)
In what is considered to be the 'best' episode, Brick and Grudge are hired by Dr. Kockpocalipse to take out an environmentalist, but Grudge wants the new nachos at Taco Well. Focus up, Grudge!
201 - A NEW BEGINNING (2007)
PART 1 - The Hawaiian Mafia is back, and they want revenge on Brick for killing their old boss in the original pilot. These guys seem like they mean business, which could prove to be very problematic for the duo.
202 - THE FACEOFF (2007)
PART 2 - The Hawaiian Mafia strikes first! Are Brick and Grudge doomed? Well, probably not. There are still three more episodes in the series. Spoiler alert? A message is delivered, and Brick realizes he's in deep.
PART 3 - Brick goes in search of some real help from someone who can be bought and might have guns: Boozer the Clown. However, the Hawaiian Mafia are hot on his trails and the bullets are going to fly. Language!
204 - BRICK'S PLAN (2007)
PART 4 - A wacky phone mix-up leads to Brick developing a plan as to how he can defeat the Hawaiian Mafia. But, we can't expect things to go as planned, can we? Mr. Smiley makes a cameo, but he's hard to spot cuz of his disguise.
205 - GRUDGE'S HEAD (2007)
PART 5 - Grudge ends up in the clutches of the Hawaiian Mafia, and now he has to deal with Mr. Kaluah. It appears there's only one way to save Grudge, and that means Brick has to turn himself in. Time to end this.
  Grudge was reborn in Retro Knight, and Brick got his own game too!  
Brick - Logan Mitchell
Grudge - Noah B. Wilson
Wolfgang Von Shlopenstien - Drew Gaebel
Mr. Kaluah - Shane Kumalac
Mr. Kaluah II - Josh Archuleta
Dr. Kockpocalipse - Noah B. Wilson
Ludwig - Conor Lawler
Johann - Nick Bishop
Antonio - Anthony Martinez
Frederique - Dusty Gaebel
Hawaiian Thug 1 - Ryan Corbett
Hawaiian Thug 2 - Josh Corbett

Created by Noah B. Wilson and Logan Mitchell
Filmed / Edited by Noah B. Wilson
Written by Noah B. Wilson and Logan Mitchell
Music by Noah B. Wilson
©2004 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
Hitmen was created as part of a short-lived series working with another production company, but when Noah Wilson and Logan Mitchell realized that their characters were far better together, Brick and Grudge became a duo for SCP. While only one episode was filmed before Noah zipped off to college, it actually gained him a bit of respect because it showed of his productions skills. For a short while at college he was known as 'the guy who made Hitmen'. But there was more work to be done, and Noah and Logan would reunite over and over again.

Four episodes made the light of day in 2006, with Brick and Grudge crossing over to try and kill Boozer The Clown, catch Mr. Smiley, and work for Dr. Kockpocalipse. Drew Gaebel proved to be a great foil after appearing in the first episode and returning to pester Brick in the second run. When all was said and done, Brick and Grudge became a staple for The SCP and would continue to pop up in random places. They cameoed in the animated world and appeared in everything: Lab of Ingeniocity, History Tutor (several episodes), and Living With Smiley.

Then in 2007, Noah got ambitious and tried to serialize the show for five new episodes. It kinda worked. Lack of lighting didn't really help in the fourth episode of that second run, but the plot still held up. Plus, there were a lot of great appearances by the likes of Conor Lawler, Nick Bishop, Dusty Gaebel, and the amazing Josh Archuleta. Plus, Drew Gaebel even came back for a third time!

Time passed. The SCP generally stopped making shows as life happened. Yet Brick and Grudge were still not done. No one is entirely sure how it happened, but somehow Brick and Grudge left Anarchy Island and moved to the island of Kingdomland. They seemed to have quit their hitman jobs as Brick is now a blacksmith and Grudge is now a knight. Don't believe me? Pick up Retro Knight. It's kind of the unofficial sequel to Hitmen.

Original Pilot (2004)
Someone stole Brick's Hawaiian shirt! Was it the Hawaiian Mafia? Brick teams up with Grudge to reclaim his favorite shirt.
©2004 Smiley Crew Productions | All Rights Reserved
  Grudge has moved on to Kingdomland, which is probably for the best for Brick.  
Bloopers (2007)
Some goofy bloopers from Season 2. We are so mature.
Lab Of Ingeniocity - Nacho Gun (2007)
Brick and Grudge make a quick cameo. You'll have to watch this whole series to figure out why they made this cameo.
Retro Knight - I'm Grudge (2018)
Grudge is back, but he's a knight now? Check out this trailer for Grudge's continued adventures (and yes, Brick is there too).
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