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Blow up the sewers in the crazy, retro-inspired mash-up of Pac-Man, Bomberman, and Gauntlet. Play as Boozer and Stubs and see how much loose change you can find down in the sewers of Osos Bay.

After trying their luck in Shopping Cart Carnage, homeless heroes Boozer and Stubs have headed to the sewers to look for beer money, well aware that people commonly just throw away their pennies. But the sewers of Osos Bay are no place for a clown and a hobo, no matter how drunk they are. The sewers are crawling with Grombies; greedy, self-obsessed zombies that are eager to steal your money and your life! Thankfully, Boozer and Stubs are armed with bombs ... lots and lots of bombs that they don't mind using in their search for pennies! In this Classic mega-mashup, play as Boozer AND Stubs in your quest to make enough money to buy a six-pack ... or maybe even a twelve-pack!

- Swap playing as Boozer and Stubs anytime for teamwork!
- Additional unlockable characters available!
- Collect cool power-ups like Speedy Shoes and Blue Fire!
- 100 Levels in Online Mode (16 Offline)!
- Compete against others on universal high scores!
- Collect SCP Coins for use in any other SCP App!

Six Pack Man is actually a very very old game that has gone through a lot of changes over the years. It was originally a simple Flash game that was very much a Pac-Man parody with bombs. Second, third, and fourth versions came out on older SCP websites, then it became its own App when Apps became a thing, and then it was added to SCP Arcade! But then when Retro Knight was in development, a new version (and current version) came out to end the evolution. Six Pack Man still uses the old, original Boozer and Stubs soundbytes from long ago.
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