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Wacky drunks Boozer and Stubs have stolen a beer-powered shopping cart, and it has no brakes! These two troublemakers are ready to go on a tour of Osos Bay in search of as much beer as possible.

Wacky drunks Boozer and Stubs have stolen a beer-powered shopping cart from Corporation H and are ready to take it for a spin (and several crashes). Ride along with the dizzy duo through tons and tons of expansive levels in search of more drinks for your cart! Boozer And Stubs don't care much for safety, so expect to be crashing all over Anarchy Island! You'll have just as much fun crashing as you do flipping through the air! Can you handle the carnage?

- Play through over 60 levels taking you all over Anarchy Island: Plain Plains, Magamordor, The Fortress of Waffletude, Vespa Mansion, Corporation H, and more!
- Play Adventure Mode, Challenge Mode, or with an internet connection: visit the Online Library!
- Try flipps to get bonus points! Collect different items like Hambertís Call and Boozer's Farts!
- Voiced by the stars of The Boozer and Stubs Show!
- Collect SCP Coins to use in other SCP Games!

Shopping Cart Carnage - Commercial #1 (2014)
A quick commercial showing off some of the craziness found in this fun and funny game!
Shopping Cart Carnage was one of my first attempts at a platformer. It was also one of the first games I made which used its own built-in level editor (which is clearly not available to the masses). Sometimes I forget how loaded this game is with top score charts and ways to play, including the speed-run and extra online circuits. I had plans to make it possible to download more levels, but I just got too busy making more games. This is one of my oldest games, and yet it still holds up really well.

It is also one of the hardest!
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