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Corporation H is on the fritz (as usual), and it's up to Dr. Kockpocalipse, Dr. Moorhead, and others, to make sure Gorpee is safe. Track Gorpee down in this mash-up of legendary games Donkey Kong and Mega Man.

Gorpee Kong isn't your average 'Donkey Kong' clone, and in fact is pretty dang far from the original. Kick, punch, slash, and burn escaped monsters to find the one monster Dr. Kock truly cares about: Gorpee. This classsic platformer features a random level generator to keep the game feeling fresh each time you play. Complete with tons of powerups, ten different Anarchy Island characters to play as, and fully voice acted gameplay, Gorpee Kong is a surefire hit and a game you'll gladly pick up over and over again.
This old idea from long, long ago got a new life as a Dino Maker clone with enough 'new' to be considered totally different. Dr. Kock and Gorpee always had a sort of Mario/Donkey Kong vibe with them (although they are clearly friends), so it seemed pretty obvious to parody the classic for everyone's favorite mad scientist/monster duo. I also injected quite a lot of my ideas from the unreleased game Monsterpocalypse, which makes this game have a bit more of a Mega Man feel as well. This is indeed platforming the way it is meant to be.
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