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Explosive carnage is ready to be unleashed as Dr. Kockpocalipse tries to invade Dr. Moorhead's lab with his mini robots! Blast these robots to pieces and keep them from erasing all of Dr. Moorhead's computer files in this retro-inspired 'Space Invaders / Astrosmash' mash-up!

The mini robots are coming to erase Dr. Moorhead's computer files! The ongoing war between Dr. Kockpocalipse and Dr. Moorhead gets heated up with Dr. Kock sends his mini robots next door to attack Dr. Moorhead's massive computer, robots that just won't stop coming! Defend Dr. Moorhead's precious files with your Computer Cannon against an onslaught off tiny robots! Will they ever end? It is going to be a long night.

- 1000 Levels of robot mayhem with checkpoints along the way.
- Unleash dozens different weapons and power ups.
- Several ways to play, each with their own leaderboard!
- Unleash Mega Bombs to clear out lots of robots.
- Collect Coins to use in other SCP Games.
- The first 50 players to get to Level 1000 get a Free Copy of SCP Arcade!

Erase Invaders - 4.0 Commercial #1 (2018)
This commerical features the updated 4.0 version.
This was the first app I ever released! While v4.0 has gotten a ton of upgrades, you can still play the semi-original version in SCP Arcade. This game really doesn't have too much to it: blast robots above you with your little blaster below. You've probably played something like this before. If not, this was totally my idea and everyone else who made games like this stole this idea from me. I swear.
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