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The Viking Bunnies are all mixed up in their search for treasure in this addicting puzzle game.

Match Steve, Lars, Thora, and Captain Fuzzy while trying to bring treasure chests down to the bottom of the screen. Get Bananas to clear out all sorts of blocks, or see if Seņor Spider can help you out as a Wild Card. Plus be on the look out for guest appearances by their friends and foes; King Ivan the King Crab, Eddie Lizard the Science Lizard, Captain Hampton the Pirate Pig, and Nibbles the Ninja Hamster all join The Viking Bunnies in their first Game App.

- Keep playing! Collect Trophies on your quest to get 100% by playing multiple games!
- Play Easy / Classic / Tough Modes. Fun for all ages!
- Features many of the characters from The Viking Bunnies storybooks.
- Voiced by The Viking Bunnies themselves!
- Visit www.vikingbunnies.com for more Apps for The Viking Bunnies!
- Collect SCP Coins to use in other SCP Games!
Bunny Blocks was the first of three puzzle games I (Noah) made in 2015 (Bad Scientist and Pizza Topper being the others. Both are now defunct). This was a quick, fun, simple game to make that I think helped introduce people to The Viking Bunnies cast. Granted, I hardly did any cartoons or stuff to go along with this game, but whatever. This game's pretty great, and still around today to play! What more is there to say other than download it!
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