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Blow up your friends (and foes) in real-time player-vs-player combat! Send tanks to invade forts and steal their gold! Play Arcade mode and collect more gold to build up your forces! Complete for high scores and become the greatest fort of all!

Bomber Tanks is explosive action that you can play alone or against anyone online!

Build a fort and defend yourself from other players in real-time combat using the Fort Editor to build walls and defenses. Send fleets of tanks to attack your friends (who are now your enemies!) and steal their precious gold! Compete for high scores and big prizes in Arcade Mode and build up your armory. Collect SCP Coins for use in other SCP Games!

- Find 18 different weapons! Save 4 in your inventory!
- Use Cloak, Ghost, Quake, Bombs, Bomb Shield, and other powerups!
- Make your own path in Arcade Mode!
- Get on the top scores!
- Build your own fort to defend from other players!
- Syncs with all other SCP Games

Bomber Tanks - Action Trailer (2018)
A trailer for Bomber Tanks. What else?
Bomber Tanks was developed during the era of Retro Knight, which might be why it feels a little familiar (if you have played Retro Knight). It was meant to be an attempt to try and do a PvP game as a test run for potential future PvP games. Maybe it wasn't as good as it should have been, or maybe PvP games really only work if you have things like notifications or like a million players.

Nevertheless, Bomber Tanks is still a fun little game with a lot of variety. It always feels a little different each time you play Arcade Mode as well. I doubt there will be any future updates, but never say never.
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