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Noah B. Wilson
Known for: Grudge, Dr. Kockpocalipse, Johnny Thunderpants, Hollywood, Dr. Moorhead, Steve, Captain Fuzzy, Lars, Murder Bear, Quackers, Warty, Doc, doing almost all the camera work, editing everything, making all the games, making most of the music, making this website, writing this text (geez dude, brag much?)
Noah feels weird writing this in third person, so he won't.

I always wanted to 'tell stories', and doing so through video seemed like a great way to do it. Most of the SCP History can be found on the front page, so I'll just use this page to talk about me. It's all about me, right? For the longest time, I knew my buddies Max, Luis, Dusty, and the rest of the SCP gang were way funnier than me, so I used them as actors and we made all the movies you see on this site. We went on TV before Youtube was even a website. We were all quite literally 'ahead of the times' in that regard.

After I left to go to college, I had to create actors of my own, which led to making cartoons and working all those funny voices out of my head. With practice and confidence, I stepped out in front of the camera as Grudge with Logan, and we did a bunch of funny Hitmen stuff. Cartoons kept going because I didn't need a whole lot of help with those, so Dr. Kockpocalipse, Johnny Thunderpants, and Hollywood all got some time in the sun. Then when it became possible to do puppets too, Tallow Farm and SGTVA all became new places for me to be funny without showing my ugly mug.

Oh yeah, and games. I like making video games. I made a lot. I made them all, in fact. You should play them. More on that somewhere else, I think.

PS: I get to use my middle initial cuz www.noahwilson.com was taken. True story.
Night Vice - Sugar Dealer (2003)
The second episode of Night Vice as the cops trying to bust a sugar dealer who hallucinates his henchmen. Also the first apperance of a oddly shirtless Josh Archuleta. For some reason, this version is super-wide-screen. Sorry.
The Risk Taker (2003)
The epic story of Risk as played out by CJ Goodwin, Mr. Smiley, and others. While not seen, Logan did all the music for us on Noah's crappy Casio keyboard. Well done!
Hitmen - Hawaiian Punch (2003)
The first episode of Hitmen to be created. Featuring Drew Gaebel as Wolfgang and Shane Kumalac as the Mr. Kaluha. Brick goes after the Hawaiian Mafia boss, and Grudge generally doesn't.
Hitmen #101: Whack-A-Clown (2006)
Brick takes a job to take out Boozer the Clown, but Grudge's obsession with Chicken Fingers might slow them down. Featuring Gabe Wilson as the infamous Boozer The Clown.
Hitmen #102: Black Forest Brawl (2006)
Brick tries to sneak away on his own to take a job ... in the Black Forest? Brick will realize that he should probably keep Grudge close by, even if he is annoying as hell.
Hitmen #103: Puppet Peril (2006)
The prize of a lifetime is discovered when Brick and Grudge stumble across a reward for ... Mr. Smiley? Can Brick and Grudge do the impossible and catch the homicidial puppet?
Hitmen #104: Nacho Explosion (2006)
Things get real with Brick gets a call from none other than Dr. Kockpocalipse! Will Brick end up working for the local mad scientist? Meanwhile, Grudge wants to find out about some new nachos in town.
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