Slightly serialized and stupidly funny, Living With Smiley was a bit of our take on Aqua Teen Hunger Force: three 'people' living in a house together and dealing with each other's insanity. Hollywood acted the voice of reason, Iceman as the voice of stupidity, and if you pay attention: all the crazy ideas came from Mr. Smiley. Johnny Thunderpants got in there for a bit as their neighbor, and Dr. Kock and the Hitmen even cameo! This was probably as close as I got to actually having that whole 'shared universe' thing which Marvel would eventually own. Logan was great as Iceman, btw. There were plans to do a second season, but of course that did not happen. At least I have these five connected videos and got to finish a short story!

Hollywood - Noah B. Wilson
Iceman - Noah B. Wilson
Johnny Thunderpants - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Kock - Noah B. Wilson

Animated and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
c. 2007 Smiley Crew Productions

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