Behold the greatness that is Dr. Kockpocalipse!

Lab of Ingeniocity was really the first cartoon series I did, and Dr. Kock may be the greatest character I have created (or at least my personal favorite). Being that I was still learning, I look back on this (still to this day) and wonder how I could have made it better. Dr. Kock is pretty much your stereotypical mad scientist who is great at making messes. He doesn't always get what he wants, and what he gets commonly tries to eat him or those in town. He was at the center of most of the problems on Anarchy Island and in Tales From Chaos City, and would go on to appear in several games like Erase Invaders, Brick Doubt and even, Retro Knight. He even has his own page at Albino Blacksheep!

Check out even more classic episodes at! Maybe someday I can finally do this show again. I'm thinking puppets...

Dr. Kockpocalipse - Noah B. Wilson
Dr. Moorhead - Noah B. Wilson
Gorpee - Noah B. Wilson

Animated and Edited by Noah B. Wilson
c. 2007 Smiley Crew Productions

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